Cars for Sale in Hesperia California: Used Car Dealerships CA

Find the latest second-hand car dealerships in Hesperia California. In this post, we also list some of the used cars on sale in Hesperia by the owner.

Used Car Dealerships in Hesperia, CA

Some of the popular and the leading dealers of second-hand cars in Hesperia, California include:

A & A Any Car

It is an Auto Repair Company located in Hesperia, CA 92345, 16211 Yucca St, (760) 244-9900.

They respond to request quotes within a day. Any car problem, including oil change, serpentine belt, and a full tune-up that encompasses fuel filter and wires is done by the company.

They also deal with other maintenance issues other than those mentioned above.

They are good at customizing automobiles to suit the needs and preferences of clients. Besides, the firm deals with the sale of used cars including Chevy Silverado.

A & B Hitches and Mufflers

The Company specializes in towing, trailer repair, suppliers & Auto parts. They are popular for putting the needs of the customer first and the ability to customize automobiles based on consumer needs.

In fact, most people who have dealt with the dealership report to have left the firm happy. They have affordable prices and quick to deliver.

They serve both Hesperia and its environs. If you are interested in doing business with or getting information about their products, contact (760) 244-3550.

Collision Auto Repair Specialist

At Collision, your car issues related to towing services, auto repairs, and body shopping will be sorted out. They have a discount on their prices, which may be as much as $500 off your deductible amount.

It is one of the best body shops you may come across in the high desert in terms of service offered and price.

They also sell a wide range of used cars. They serve Hesperia and its neighborhood and can be found if you contact (760) 948-5151.

Magic Auto & Truck Sales

The Company is a specialist in car dealerships. It is easy to request a quote from a business because you just need to visit the firm or contact them through (760) 947-0041.

They are located at 14721 Main St, Hesperia, California 92345.

Their prices and quality of cars are incomparable.

Desert Wholesale Hesperia, CA

You can find several established desert wholesale vendors of new and used cars in Hesperia, California. The automobile dealerships in this region are involved in all types of popular second-hand car models.

Their products are both A and A+ BBB rated.

You can as well find companies that buy used cars and junk cars at competitive prices.

Here are some of the firms offering the above-mentioned services in the Hesperia region:

Cash For Used Cars & Junk Cars

If you are interested in converting your used car into good money, visit Cash for Junk Cars & Used Cars. They are found at (800) 757-5211.

They are rubbish removers and deal with salvaged cars as well.

So Cal Ford Dealers

If the time is ripe for you to drive a brand new Ford car, you can find A Ford Dealer in Hesperia now. Simply log into their website.

The site will help you to quickly locate the dealer and get information about the estimated payments and quotes. They have special Ford models just for you.

High Desert Cash For Junk Cars

This car dealership is amongst the most preferred automobile salvage destinations in this region and is found at (415) 886-4990 in Hesperia, CA 92340.

They buy cars beyond your imagination. It does not matter whether your used car has a dragging muffler or falling bumper. You just need to present your car to them for a good price.

Mid-City Motors Hesperia, CA

Mid-City Motors is one of the most established and known car dealerships you can find in Hesperia, California 92345. They are mainly found at 16471 Yucca Street.

If you are interested in doing business with them, here is their contact:

Search car dealership category on the Internet or visit their site, You can still get directions to their firm by making a call to their phone number+1 760-662-5555.

The company’s rating is five stars.

The shop is usually open between 08:00 am and 10:00 pm every day apart from on Sundays.

For more information, please visit their website page to get in-depth details about this car dealership company.

Other than what has been mentioned here above, you will find information about their price level, sample photos, and a description of the expected offers and service.

Select Motorz Hesperia, CA

At Select Motorz, a car dealer based in Hesperia, California is a place you can find an exceptional choice of second-hand automobiles. In most cases, they stock pre-owned models and makes.

They also provide easy funding OAD/OAC.

To locate the company, go to Hesperia at 10232 I Avenue, CA 92345. They are found close to the corner of Mauna Loa Street.

They serve both the city and its environs, including Victorville, Adelanto, Phelan, Baldy Mesa, Apple Valley, and the entire Victor Valley.

The brand is regarded as the best local car dealer in Hesperia because of its vast experience in combined auto services and products.

Select Motorz is the only place you can get financing even if your credit history is wanting.

In case you are denied funding in other credit institutions for a first-time buyer, open collections, or bankruptcy, you will get help at this place.

What you need to do is make a call to them to make any inquiry in any other issue other than financing at (760) 514-7626.

You can also browse the firm’s showroom online to access more details about their offers among others.

You can further directly contact the company’s sales personnel by calling (760) 617-0666 or (760) 514-7626 or (760) 617-0666.

It is only on Sunday that they open by appointment. Otherwise, be sure to find the shop open on other days of the week.

Additionally, you can get an instant quote on your second-hand vehicle at this firm. They have options to either request for the next car or trade your car in for cash.

So, why should you try Select Motorz for the next car? It’s pretty simple; their dealership is exceptional. They are committed to offering you, personal attention, value for money, and the best service.

They also provide customized service, peace of mind, experience, and transparency because they are values that drive their business.

Used Cars for Sale by Owner in Hesperia, CA

Finding and purchasing your favorite used car in this place is easier than thought about. You can also do the transaction online, particularly for those who want to sell their vehicles for free.

Doing your car business here will save you much money for next car purchase.

These are some of the second-hand vehicles for sale by owner in Hesperia, California:

BMW 3 Series, 2014 Model

Private Seller – JEFF PINKSTON
Great Deal
Price – $27,500
Mileage – 17,600
5.88 Miles Away from Victorville, CA 92395
Color – Black
Score – 4/64

Honda Accord, 2006 Model

Private Seller – TONY SANCHEZ
Great Deal
Price – $4,900
Mileage – 145,000
Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – Silver
Score – 7/77

Nissan Altima, 2013 Model

Best Deal
Price – $9,600
Mileage – 81,840
Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – Black
Score – 4/80

Chevrolet s10, 1996 Model

Private Seller – RONALD VERAX
Great Deal
Price – $1,500
Mileage – 190,000
5.88 Miles Away from Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – Black
Score – 4/78

Chevrolet Venture, 2000 Model

Private Seller – KARYN WELLZ
Great Deal
Price – $1,800
Mileage – 192,000
Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – Gold
Score – 8/68

Pontiac Firebird, 1998 Model

Private Seller – JOEL MONTEZ
Great Deal
Price – $3,200
Mileage – 110,000
5.88 Miles Away from Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – White
Score – 5/75

Chevrolet Cruze, 2011 Model

Private Seller – DAN ARMENTA
Best Deal
Price – $4,500
Mileage – 112,000
Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – Blue
Score – 11/100

Porsche Cayenne, 2006 Model

Private Seller – R R
Great Deal
Price – $7,700
Mileage – 130,000
5.88 Miles Away from Hesperia, CA 92345
Color – Black
Score – 2/68

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