Toyota Corolla for Sale in Los Angeles: Used & By Owner

If you are looking for a used Toyota Corolla in Downtown Los Angeles, this is the place to be. Here below, we have listed some of the recent sales of Toyota Corolla as posted by car selling agencies or individuals.

We do understand that some buyers prefer to buy directly from private owners.

Well, we have also highlighted a section where you can contact these sellers and get a Toyota Corolla for sale by the owner near you in Los Angeles City.

Used Toyota Corolla for Sale in Los Angeles

If you are looking for used or second-hand Toyota Corolla sedans or compact cars, below is the current updated list for you.

2016 Toyota Corolla LE Plus

Price: $13000
Mileage: 46000 miles
Specifications: The car has a mileage of 45,755 miles, automatic transmission, silver exterior color, and gray interior color, It is a front-wheel drive.
Seller: Blue Rhino Motors
Location: Pacoima, CA

2017 Toyota Corolla XSE

Price: $15350
Mileage: 2200 miles
Specifications: Armed with Bluetooth and a backup camera this is a value for money car. The car has a gas mileage of 28 to 36 MPG (City-Highway). The interior color is Black while the exterior color is gray. It is a front-wheel drive.
Seller: OC Chief Auto
Location: Newport Beach, CA

2014 Toyota Corolla

Price: $12000
Mileage: 48000 miles
Specifications: This car has an automatic transmission, uses gasoline, has a blue exterior color, and has a front-wheel drive train. Not only was the car engineered to be economically friendly, but it is also environmentally friendly.
Seller: Pendragon/Hornbug
Location: West Hollywood, CA

Toyota Corolla for Sale by Owner in Los Angeles

If you are in looking for a Toyota Corolla for sale by a private owner in Los Angeles, then below is a list of some of the sellers you can contact

2014 Toyota Corolla Sport

Price: $8800
Mileage: 53000 miles
Specifications: a black painted Toyota Corolla sport with automatic transmission. It is a front-wheel drive. It is in good condition just as a new car.
Seller: Private Owner on Craigslist
Location: Bellflower

2001 Toyota Corolla with 4 doors

Price: $1700
Mileage: 110 000 miles
Specifications: The car has been used for over 10 years by the one owner. It has a few dents here and there. The front windshield may need some repairs before going back to the road. It has tinted windows.
Seller: Private Owner on CL
Location: Los Angeles City

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