Does CVS Sell US Postage Stamps – Single & Forever Stamps

Read more on CVS stamps where I examine if the store sells both stamps and envelopes. The largest drugstore in the entire United States stocks stamps and makes them available to you anytime you need them.

Just ask the cashier at the nearest CVS store and let them avail of some stamps to you. Please note, if you have loyalty points at CVS, then stamps are not one of the products you could buy with them.

Can I buy single stamps at CVS stores?: Well, it should also be noted that CVS does not sell single stamps at all. They go with the book option.

What are CVS Postage Stamps?

There is a question that could come to mind if you know little about stamps.

For example, if CVS sells stamps just like your nearest post office or even your nearest stamp vendor, does that imply that CVS sells a unique category of stamps only found in the store and nowhere else?

To answer such a question, we need to know the value of stamps, which body regulates stamp printing, pricing, and distribution.

The USPS holds franchise agreements with numerous stores across the United States and CVS is one of its key stores that sell USPS stamps to the public.

The stamps you find at CVS are in no way different from those you would find in other drug stores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid or any other general store like Walmart and Kroger.

The USPS is the official printing agency when it comes to stamps.

Just to note, stamps carry something close to currency value, and therefore you would bet that there are significant regulations in controlling how stamps are printed and availed to the public.

So when asked, what are CVS stamps? The answer is, they are USPS stamps sold by CVS stores to the public. Please refer to bulk stamp selling stores and read about other American stores selling stamps.

Can One Buy CVS Stamps?

Absolutely! If CVS is part of the partners (which it is) USPS has authorized to sell stamps, which it is, then you can always buy stamps from CVS. You can buy stamps from your nearest CVS store.

Just make sure you inquire with the customer care of the cashier to make sure they are available. Some of their stores may not have the stamps when you need them.

There are about 9600 CVS stores distributed within the continental United States. There is a high chance that there is one near you or one near your workplace. CVS sells stamps in book form only for reasons best known to them.

So if you are looking forward to buying stamps from CVS, make sure you are buying them in bulk rather than individuals.

The bad news with CVS stamps is that you will most likely have only one type. There are few varieties of stamps if not one that you can get from CVS, which is the standard forever stamp.

All you need to do is flip through their stamp book offers and select which forever stamps you think will account for your mail or the stamp themes you think are appropriate for your mail.

How to Buy CVS Stamps

There are a few ways that you can use to buys stamps depending on the vendor you are purchasing from. People have come to love the print-from-online method because it is convenient.

You browse through a catalog of stamps from online vendors such as Zazzle, and PictureItPostage, clear the order through an online processor or your credit card and print it from your printer at home.

Good enough they are authentic stamps, authorized by USPS.

When it comes to CVS, you do not have such a luxury. There is technically only one way that you can buy stamps from CVS, which is visiting the store and making your purchase.

Other stores may offer purchases by visiting the store or getting the stamps right from the store’s online shop.

Unfortunately, if you need CVS stamps, you do not have the option of buying the stamps online. You will have to make it physically to the store and buy your stamps.

And remember, you have to buy a stamp book and not a single stamp otherwise you will have to look for another store to buy single stamps.

How Much do CVS Stamps Cost?

Concerned about CVS stamps price? If you kept tabs with the news, you probably know that the USPS increased its standard stamp prices by 2¢ from 47¢ to 49¢.

It means that effective January 2017, it costs 49¢ to send a 1oz mail.

As you would expect, stamp prices at CVS closely rhyme those found in post offices. Even though CVS is a vendor and not USPS itself, rest easy to know that the store does not take a surcharge on any stamps.

Since you will only be buying a stamp book at CVS and not individual stamps, then stamp prices begin from $9.80 for a standard book carrying 20 stamps.

You may be lucky to chance on discounts that could lower the stamp book prices by a dollar down to $8.80 even though it is rare.

You may be lucky to chance on discounts that could lower the stamp book prices by a dollar down to $8.80 even though it is rare.

Does CVS Sell Envelopes

As we have already handled in the section above, you can definitely get a stamp at CVS. However, it may not be clear if they also sell envelopes.

In that case, I have to clarify here that Yes, you can also get both stamps and envelopes in most CVS stores around the country.

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