Where to Buy Stamps Near Me – A Resource Guide

Know more on how and where to buy stamps near you. If you need to buy postage stamps, then the first question that may come to mind is where the nearest post office is?

Gone are the days when stamps could only be found in a post office where, unfortunately, you had to and queue before buying a stamp.

Here is a guide on where to buy stamps near you. Before letting you in on where to find stamps, let us first begin with an unusual question that we all take for granted, what is a stamp?

Definition of a Postage Stamp

It is not common to find someone asking, what is a stamp? We always have the notion that everyone knows what a stamp is and anyone asking must be pulling a bad joke.

Not quite the case. Sometimes you use a word for ages without pausing to think what it actually means, and a stamp could be one of such words.

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper with an adhesive material on its underside and a picture on top that the postal authority issues as a symbol of a specified value.

The piece is stuck onto the mail or the package that is to be sent indicating that it has been charged. Consider a stamp to be a sign of payment for postage rates or a type of currency issued by USPS for postage services.

Types of Postage Stamps

Postage stamps come in different varieties. The varieties do not necessarily portray the difference in stamp money value as you would probably be thinking by now.

The different varieties of stamps are mostly different based on their aesthetic value, which is what they stand for rather than what value they hold according to USPS postage rates.

There are at least three basic categories of stamps that you can find today.

Special Stamps

This category of stamps carries a specific theme that reflects an occasion that is underway. The USPS has a way of capturing the moment within the stamps they print.

Anyway, it looks out of place to have a stamp sent on Christmas that for example commemorates a 19th-century novelist.

Would you rather have the chance to buy a stamp from your nearest vendor that specifically captures the theme of Christmas, for example with an image of Santa?

So imagine how the recipient of an invitation card would react seeing that you went the extra mile to find a stamp that actually looks like Christmas? They would feel special.

Commemorative stamps

At times, and occasionally to be exact, the USPS provides stamps that commemorate a piece of American or global history. Let us take Rosa Parks for example.

The USPS could make a few stamps to commemorate her for steering forward the civil rights movement and have her image as the face of such stamps.

She represents a critical American and global history, and therefore her appearance on stamps would be identified with almost everyone. The USPS makes a few commemorative stamps from time to time that do not usually exceed 200 pieces.

Definitive Stamps

These are the ordinary stamps if you like it that way. They are often boring everyday stamps that you will encounter almost every time you go to buy stamps in your nearest store or post office.

You can call them the standard stamps just like we have money that rarely changes the face. They are produced in mass and are always available throughout the year.

They look bland and lack the creativity that you would always find in commemorative and special stamps. Philatelists tend to love them more than the other two just to find those subtle printing variations and errors.

Other Types of Stamps

There is another category of stamps that do not fit the special, commemorative, or even the definitive type.

We consider these stamps more of a functional type since they serve a unique purpose even though USPS values them as regular stamps.

  • Airmail Stamps: These types of stamps cater to flown mails and post packages. They indicate that the mail has incurred a surcharge to the mode and cost of delivery to the recipient.
  • Certified mail stamp: Stamps in this category call for a receipt of delivery or an attempt made to deliver a mail package to the recipient. They also include a surcharge beyond standard charges.
  • Customized stamps: These types of stamps deviate from what you know about stamps. The USPS has given rights to a few parties to offer customized stamps which you can design according to your wishes. They are not as bland as definitive stamps are. They give you room to design your stamp.

PS: The first category of stamps are unique in their designs, but the same cannot be said of the second category.

For instance, if you buy an airmail stamp, you are not buying a specially-looking stamp, but you are buying airmail posting services using an ordinary stamp, most probably a definitive stamp.

What actually makes the stamp unique is what it stands for rather than how it looks.

Places where you can buy stamps near you

If you are looking for any type of stamps mentioned above or you have an idea of a unique stamp that you thought would be available, then there are a variety of places you can begin your search.

There are about three ways you can acquire stamps today.

You could visit the post office, that is if you have the time to queue, you could visit your nearest authorized vendor for stamps, or you could simply check online and find places you can buy authentic stamps.

If you need an exclusive online purchase, then check out Where to Buy Stamps Online to get a clue on how buying stamps online works.

If you prefer your nearest store, the article How to buy stamps in Bulk at Walmart or Target should be a good place to start your search.

Buy from USPS

The USPS has a few locations around the country where you can go and buy stamps. Sometimes it may feel more satisfying buying stamps from the real printers of the stamps, which is USPS.

The problem is that the nearest post office could be miles away. Even if it is near, you may need to follow the old-school order in such offices and queue up to get a stamp.

If you have the patience, then go for it. You may need an alternative if the post office does not cut it.

Buy from Authorized Vendors

The reach of USPS is now wide and deep, thanks to agreements the agency has made with many stores throughout America.

Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS are just a handful of the many places you can visit to get your stamps.

As a heads-up, it may not be a guarantee that all stores out there sell stamps.

Even if a store like Kroger sells stamps, probably the Kroger near you does not sell stamps. You need to confirm with the customer care to ensure they sell stamps.

Buy Stamps Online

For those that prefer staying within their houses yet acquire stamps, there is an alternative way of getting the type, number, and quality of stamps you may need.

The internet is a powerful tool. Just by the click of a button, you could be on your way to acquiring stamps.

You could order stamps from online vendors such as Amazon, or you can simply make a purchase of a stamp design online and print right in the comfort of your home.


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