Know more about Rita Edochie’s Biography by reading this article. Does she have a husband? What about a family? What does Wikipedia say about Rita? All these have been answered in this article!

Who is Rita Edochie

Rita Edochie comes from Nigeria in Anambra state. She started her acting career as an actress in 1997. She is a famous face in the Nollywood movie industry.

However, today, the Anambra-born top actress appears to have taken a leave from the Nigerian movie business. Her real name is Rita Tony Edochie. She was brought up by her uncle, Mr. Okaka since her childhood.

She studied at Onitsha for her secondary school education. She got married to Tony Edochie of Anambra Broadcasting Service soon after completing her secondary school education.

Later, she joined the University and graduated in 1990. Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) was her first employer after finishing her university studies. Eventually, she ventured into acting, a practice she loves most.

Rita Edochie Family

Rita Edochie’s family is very wide and compost of actors. Many people wonder if Rita Edochie and Pete Edochie are husband and wife. Well, that is not true.

Pete Edochie is a veteran successful Nollywood actor in both Nigeria and Africa. He is one of the most common faces in contemporary Africa. She is the wife to Pete Edochie’s younger brother and thus a family member to the legendary Nollywood actor.

Rita Edochie has been married to Tony Edochie for over 30 years now. Therefore, Rita Edochie is married to the younger brother of Pete Edochie, contrary to what many people tend to believe.

She is married to the younger brother of the legendary Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie and is a mother of four children. She has several grandchildren as well.

She is a graduate of Mass Communication and has featured in uncountable movies. She starred in the movie “Waterloo” and is popular for taking up motherly roles.

Rita Edochie has a cordial relationship with her brother-in-law, Pete Edochie. He is the elder brother to her husband, Tony Edochie. Rita followed the footsteps of Pete Edochie by joining Nollywood Movie Network.

However, since her childhood, she demonstrated her stage acting talent, thus, it’s also something that has been a flair.

Before concentrating on her career as an actress, Rita worked for 15 years as a presenter at Anambra State Broadcasting Services.

Rita Edochie Husband

Nollywood actress, Edochie Rita has been in a marriage with his husband Tony Edochie for 22 years now. He works in the field of broadcasting and filmmaking with ABS.

According to her confession, Tony Edochie is not only a good husband to her but a comrade a well. Tony Edochie married her because he was attracted to her makeup and beauty enhancement.

Rita Edochie Pictures


The truth is Rita’s pictures are uncountable but here are a few of them to depict her role in the Nollywood movie industry.

Rita Edochie Wikipedia

Wikipedia has no article under the name Rita Edochie. However, you can either add a request for it or use the article Wizard instead.

Alternatively, you can look for her name in the current articles or search for Wikipedia pages with links to the same title.

Rita Edochie Wallpapers

Rita’s wallpapers are quite appealing and you may not afford not to have them. She has acted in multiple movies and thus, the image of her is very attractive on wallpapers. Here are some of the common wallpapers you may be interested in.

Rita Edochie Daughter Wedding Photos

Looking for pictures of the wedding of Rita Edochie’s daughter? Well, the photos are hard to come by. Rita Edochie’s second daughter is known as Amanda Maria Edochie and likes posting her photos for happy events such as birthdays.




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