Below is the biography for Raila Odinga. A man who has lived to earn the title an Enigma in Kenya’s Politics. In this article, I examine Raila Odinga’s Family which includes his wife, son, and daughters.

Read below and learn more about Raila Odinga’s source of wealth, and by extension his net worth, the magnificent houses he has in Nairobi, Kisumu, and Bondo, and the old and news cars he owns.

Who is Raila Odinga?

Raila Odinga is a veteran politician in Kenya and the son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the first Vice President of Kenya. Raila Odinga was born on 7th January 1945.

In 1973, he got married to Dr. Ida Oyoo Odinga and together were blessed with four children, including the late Fidel Castro, Winnie Irmgard, Raila junior, and Rosemary Akeyo.

He is remembered for several political reforms in the country, including participating in the formulation and implementation of the new 2010 constitution.

Raila Odinga YouTube

The public is welcome to the YouTube channel of Raila Odinga @odingaraila. It is his official hub where you can learn more and find videos of his 2017 presidential campaign.

Raila Odinga Images

Raila Odinga is a powerful image in the country’s political struggle for democracy. His image supersedes that of other NASA leaders.

Raila Odinga Facebook Page

You can share, follow, and like Raila Odinga’s Facebook page @RailaOdingaKE. This is his official page where he interacts and connects with the public to discuss his political vision and activities.

Raila Odinga Twitter

The official Twitter account of Raila is @RailaOdinga. He joined the platform in May 2011. It is a social media site that offers you a chance to interact with him on matters related to Kenyan politics.

There are many videos and photos on this channel.

Raila Odinga Age

Raila Odinga is not getting younger anymore based on his age. January 7th, 1945 is Raila Odinga’s date of birth. Counting from that time, it’s evident that the approximate age of Raila Odinga today is 76 years.

This means that his ambition of becoming the fifth president of Kenya is in turmoil as per the age limits stipulated in the new constitution.

Raila Odinga Net Worth & Wealth

In the most recent secret audit report by the Kenya National Intelligence Services (NIS) agency, it was established that the wealth and net worth of Raila Odinga is enormous.

According to this report, the approximated Raila Odinga Wealth is more than $29 billion or Ksh. 3 trillion. However, in January 2020 Raila confirmed that his wealth was about Ksh. 2 billion (20 million US dollars).

Raila Odinga Houses

Raila Odinga owns several lavish houses in Kenya both in Kisumu and Nairobi. Here is a brief overview of the type of houses owned by the former Prime Minister of Kenya:

Raila Odinga House in Karen

The house in Karen is located on a two-acre piece of land and is his main home in Nairobi County. This is where he spends most of his time with his family.

Raila Odinga House in Kisumu – RIAT

His house in Riat Hills in Kisumu is approximated to cost Ksh. 1 billion. It has several Jacuzzis, a swimming pool whose size is equivalent to that of the Olympic games, and a helipad that can accommodate two choppers.

Raila Odinga House in Runda

Raila’s house in Karen is said to be big and lavish. However, not much is known about its features and size.

Raila Odinga’s Cars

It is not easy to estimate how many cars are registered under the name of Raila Odinga.

However, in his latest move to urge Kenyans early this year to register as voters, it was evident that the car number plates of Raila Odinga’s new cars were customized.

The cars were registered, “Vote Raila”.  All his high-end cars are pinned with such number plates, the vehicles he was going to use to navigate the entire country to drum up support for his political move.

Raila Odinga Family & Pictures

The nuclear family of Raila Odinga is lean and consists of Dr. Ida Odinga, his spouse, two daughters Winnie Odinga and Rosemary Odinga, and two sons, the late Fidel Odinga, who was his first son and Raila Odinga Jr.

His siblings include Ruth Odinga, the sister, and his brother Oburu Odinga. His late parents were former first Vice President of Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Mary Juma Odinga.

Here below is a recent picture of Raila Odinga’s family.

Raila Odinga’s Daughter

The family of Raila Odinga has refuted trending damaging allegations in the Kenyan media networks, particularly across social media platforms that Rosemary Odinga, the former prime ministers’ elder daughter financed the opposition political campaigns.

The funds were said to come from foreign organizations through the Raila Odinga Center, an institution she supervises.

Raila Odinga Jr

Raila Odinga Jr. was named after his father. He got married to Yvonne Kibukosya five years ago and was blessed with kids.

His educational background is not known but he has different interests in a wide range of businesses from entertainment to energy.

He suffered a stroke while still young and that resulted in twisting of the mouth. However, little is known why his mouth is twisted.

RAO Quotes

Some of the hilarious quotes of Raila Odinga include one he made about Musalia Mudavadi, a veteran politician in the country.

Raila once said that Mudavadi was a creature of the former president, Daniel Moi who rewarded him following the demise of his father Moses Mudavadi.

He further argued that he was one of the key figures in the then regime who benefited from the grand corruption of the day.

He also once said that everything you need in life is in the future and nobody should live in the past because nobody wants to continue being covered up in the past.

Raila Odinga Foundation

The Raila Odinga Foundation, also known as Raila Odinga Center (ROC) is a center for youth education projects.

Currently, the foundation is carrying out an upgrade project targeting to improve education for young people in Kenya among others.

Raila Odinga Today Speech and Latest News

The latest news and underwhelming speech made by Raila Odinga was in Washington D.C on 14th November 2017. His speech was, as per his critics low on substance but high on the idea.

He said that the state of political democracy in Africa, and particularly in Kenya is wanting. He also accused foreign envoys from the developed world of meddling in the country’s politics.

He is currently drumming support for the Building Bridges Initiative Report, which was launched in 2020 as a product of the handshake between him and Uhuru Kenyatta.

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