This is Pete Edochie Biography detailing everything and anything around his life. As a renowned Nollywood actor, Pete has earned a lot of fans all over the world, a majority coming from the African continent.

Read below about Pete Edochie’s Wife, Sons, Daughter and Family. I will also highlight Edochie’s proverbs or quotes

Pete Edochie Biography

The biography of Pete Edochie, the legendary Nollywood film actor and a staunch member of the Catholic faith is wide and rich. He was born in March 1947.

He is rated as one of the most talented actors in Africa, based on the many accolades he acquired from both Movie Magic’s Africa Magic Cable network and Movie Awards.

His fame manifested in 1980s following the lead role he played of Okonkwo in one of Chinua Achebe’s adapted NTA, “Things Fall Apart.” He is also a broadcaster and administrator of films.

Pete comes the tribe of Igbo in Nigeria.

In 1967, he joined radio broadcasting at ABS. His professional journey as a broadcaster rose from junior position of a programmes assistant and steadily progressed to the level of a Director.

After quitting his job in this industry, he decided to pursue a profession in the movie industry. His role in some of the best Nollywood films including “Things Fall Apart.” He was at one time interviewed by BBC regarding his performance in these movies.

But, in 2005, his acting career was twisted following a one year ban in what was called the Famous G8. It was not only Pete who was affected by the Nigeria’s Actors’ Guild.

Others involved the scandal include famous Nollywood actors Genevieve Nnaji, Nkem Owor, Chinwe Okeke, and Ramsey Noar among others. They were accused of using their celebrity status to demand for unreasonable fees from their producers.

These unfortunate events caused a temporary setback to the Nigerian film industry. But today, the Nollywood filming business is back and strong.

On August 16, 2009, Edochie was shortly kidnapped NKpor while on his way to Anambra State to attend an event. One day later, his kidnappers released him.

Pete Edochie Proverbs and Quotes

pete edochie proverbs and quotes

The Twitter account of Pete Edochie (@Pete_Edochie) tells us all about the kind of man he was based on his hilarious proverbs and quotes. These are a few of the many African proverbs and wisdom quotes by Chief Pete:

  • You can keep the sound and get the money if sell your drum to your village.
  • “When the mouse laughs at the cat, there is a hole nearby.”
  • The dowry your father paid to your mother was a waste if someone has to give details of the meaning of a proverb to you.
  • A goat can be taken to the market even if it frowns.
  • Man cannot find worms in salt even if the world degenerates to the lowest point possible.
  • Today, boys just remove earphones when they want to greet the elders, unlike in the past when they used to take off their hats.

These are just but a few of several thoughtful words of Edochie as retrieved from his Twitter account.

Pete Edochie Family

Given the vast fame acquired by Pete Edochie in the African film industry, it’s not surprising that his children and wife developed interest in pursuing the same business.

The actor’s family is a happy one. He had the right attitude of building a sincere and happy relation and raising kids as well. Their wonderful family experience was shared by the people of Nigeria in almost every aspect.

It’s in this country that Edochie accumulated his massive material and non-material wealth. Rita Edochie happens to be amongst the family members of Pete. False web articles have made some people to believe that the famous Nollywood actress is his wife.

Pete and his wife, Josephine have always encouraged all their six children to pursue their goals. For instance, he bought cars for all his kids as a motivation after graduating from the university.

By so doing, he wanted to protect his children from peer pressure for them to achieve their targets. The least goal being getting higher education.

He managed to resist all temptations that come with celebrity status and remained married to one wife for more than 45 years he was married. The secret behind that success if to keep a tight family relationship by caring for each other.

Overall, the primary factor behind his successful family was honest, sharing information, and caring for each other among other social virtues.

Pete Edochie Family Pictures

Here are some of the best family pictures of Pete Edochie taken during the lifespan of his career.

picture showing pete edochie
Pete Edochie’s Family

Pete Edochie Sons and Daughters

According to, the number of Pete Edochie’s sons and daughters is six. All of them are university graduates with close to 8 grandkids to date. According to RazzleDazzle, the veteran Nollywood star’s children may have given birth to at least 8 children.

Like their father, Pete’s two sons, Linc Edochie and Yul Edochie, also recognized actor in Nollywood, are wedded their wives and have managed to get children. The marital status of his one daughter is, however, unknown.

Pete Edochie Wife has a wealthy of information regarding the wife of Pete Edochie, Josephine Edochie. That includes how she manages her personal and professional life.

This is against a lot of misleading information in the public domain claiming that the popular Nollywood actress, Rita is the wife of Pete.

Josephine Edochie is a computer engineering graduate. She tries to balance between bringing up a happy and successful family and attending to her businesses and career. She has opted to stay away from the media fame because she is not in the show business.

She spends most her free time with her grandchildren. She is generally a simple but hardworking woman who has contributed a lot to the success of his family.

Pete Edochie Sons

The appearance of the two sons of Pete Edochie, Yul Edochie and Linc Edochie, as per the Nigeria Movie Network depict the Chief’s younger version.

There is a debate on Facebook discussing who between the two is a more resemblance of Pete. Both Yul and Linc look a lot like their father in different features and/or aspects.

According to Nollywood fans, they have followed in the foot-steps of their father. However, Yul Edochie seems to attract more fans than Linc Edochie.

Pete Edochie Sons in Nollywood

There are multiple pictures depicting the images of the sons of Pete Edochie while starring in many Nollywood films. Both Linc Edochie and Yul Edochie are successful professionals in the Nigerian film industry. They have participated in uncountable appealing Nollywood movies.

Their career was nurtured by their father’s influence. That is because their father was a renowned Nollywood star as well. He had a lot of influence on their personal and professional life.

The perfection of their tasks is a testimony of how they were brought up in a God fearing family. They attended some of the best colleges in Nigeria to acquire their acting skills.

Today, you cannot talk about Nollywood film actors without mentioning the two brothers.

Here are some of the exciting photos and pictures of Pete’s sons in action.

Pete Edochie Daughter

Unlike Linc and Yul, the only daughter of Pete Edochie has not been captured in many media records. That is because she decided to stay away from fame.

She decided to pursue other activities other than joining the film industry.

The picture that comes up is that of the grand daughter as shown here below.

pete edochie daughter
Pete Edochie’s Granddaughter

Pete Edochie Net Worth

The net worth of Pete Edochie is approximated at $3.8. Having worked as both a broadcaster and now an actor, chief Edochie is a well-known wealthy Nollywood actor, a philanthropist, businessman, TV personality, and producer.

He started working way back in 1967 and in 1980s, featured in the then best-selling movie series “Things Fall Apart” by NTA TV, playing the main character of Okonkwo. Since then, he has participated in not less than 200 films including Secret Pain, Heavy Battle, Greatest Harvest, Test Your Heart etc.

He has won both global and local Grammy awards, such as most gifted actor, Nollywood legend, and best movie actor in Africa.

He also played a big role in the growth of Nollywood Movie Network. Today, Pete has devoted his time and life to church after retiring from acting. He is currently regarded one of the most influential and richest Nigerian film actor.

Pete Edochie Movies

Pete Edochie is a popular name in Nigeria movie industry. His contribution to the growth of African film sector earned him an AMVCA Industry Merit Award in 2014.

There are more than 150 movies in which Chief Edochie played a lead role. Some of the movies which lovers of films would always want to watch their reboot include IGODO, Things Fall Apart, Narrow Escape, Evil Men, and Oracle.

Pete Edochie Dead reported the death of Chief Pete Edochie on 3rd January 2013. According to this network, the legendary Nollywood actor had died in Australia earlier that day while in a place called Kitzuhel, filming a movie.

Others sources reported the opposite news. As a result, the fans of Nollywood movie were left to wonder he was indeed dead of not.

According to the Australian police sources, Edochie met his death when he fell from a 50 feet mountain in the course of filming a movie. To date, no report confirmed this incident.

Pete Edochie Burial

Here are the pictures illustrating the purported burial of Pete Edochie. I should note that The pictures are not true because by the time I write this article, Pete is alive and well.


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      Peter edochie has five sons and a daughter but only Yul and Linc are mentioned. The other three sons are Uchenna, Tochukwu and Gene Edochie.

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      Pete Edochie has five sons namely Yul, Linc, Gene, Leo and Uche Edochie.

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