Below is the biography of Paul Muite. Here, you will read more on Paul Muite’s Educational background, how he got his wealth, the political journey he has traveled, and the law firm he founded.

For those looking for how to contact Paul Muite for whatever reason, he also provided his contacts here below.

Paul Muite Profile – Who is he?

Paul Kibugi Muite was born on 18th April 1945. He is a Kenyan politician, lawyer, and a prominent public figure who struggled for Kenya’s democratic rights during the 1990s. He has served Kenyans in different capacities:

For instance, he worked as a vice-chairman to Raila Odinga of the Forum for the Restoration Democracy – Kenya (FORD-Kenya), chairman of the Safina party, law clerk, and as a Member of Parliament for Kabete Constituency.

Paul Muite Family

Paul Muite is married to Dr. Edith Muite with whom they have three grown-up children. The wife left her profession to run a business dealing with women’s fashion.

The children are also, successful in their different professionalisms after completing their education.

Paul Muite Wealth

Amongst the top twenty best and highest-paid lawyers in Kenya, Paul Muite is ranked number fifteen.  He is believed to be making more than 150,000 dollars a month.

When he gets top-paying cases like the Mau Mau, he can pocket more than 1 million dollars a month.

He has other numerous sources of cash like he owns several apartments from which he receives more than 5000 dollars per month. Also, he engages in agricultural activities, which gives him more than 3000 dollars a month.

Paul Muite Education Background

Paul Muite is a lawyer by profession who begun school at Kanyirii Primary School and later joined Thigh High School.

He attained his law degree after completing his university education at the University of Landon.

He then went to the Kenya School of Law, after that completion of the one-year course was granted permission to practice law in Kenya.

Paul Muite’s Law Firm

Many Kenyans consider Paul Muite’s Law Firm as one of the best firms in Kenya. His company deals with numerous cases especially those dealing with politics.

For example, in 2017, after a petition was placed that led to the nullification of the August Kenyan general election, his firm had been chosen to represent IEBC.

The company is, therefore, famous and targets many clients especially those with severe injustice cases.

Paul Muite Contacts

Have you ever wondered how you could reach Paul Muite? You may be interested in doing business with him or hire him to represent you in court as a lawyer.

Well, below are the channels, which you can use to contact him at any time to present your case or business proposals.


Are you on Twitter? Do you know how to use Twitter?

If, you want to reach Paul Muite through Twitter, well, search for this page: Paul Muite (@PaulMuite) and send your messages directly to him.

After reading your letter, he will reply within a week or two.

Phone contacts

Have you ever wanted to communicate directly with Paul Muite using your phone? Well, those who wish to contact Paul Muite instantly using their mobile phones you can do so using these numbers: +254733732801 or +254(02)0719121.

After calling one is advised to wait until Paul picks the call because him being a public figure, he receives hundreds of calls a day!


Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world: over 300 million users and of these users most are youths who are aspirating to learn from their peers and leaders who are on social media.

If you are a Facebook user and want to communicate to Paul Muite, search, like, and follow his Facebook fan page (Paul Muite).

After liking his page, you can choose to inbox him directly or post a question which you may want him to answer, and he can respond after going through those issues.


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