Mutula Kilonzo is a solid name within the Kenyan legal circles. In this article, I explore the biography of Mutula Kilonzo Senior & Junior. How did the senior mutual die? Who is his wife?

Mutula Kilonzo Senior

Mutula Kilonzo was born on 2nd July 1948 and died on 27th 2013.

He was a Senior Counsel and a Kenyan Politician, who served Kenyans as a minister in different ministries like the ministry of education and the minister for Nairobi Metropolitan and Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

He was the first Senator from Makueni County and was elected to an Orange Democratic Party in the 2013 Kenyan general elections.

Mutula Kilonzo Senior’s Death & Burial

Mutula Kilonzo died on 27th April 2013 at his home farm bordering the Maanzoni lodge on Mombasa road- Kenya.

His death was a shock to all Kenyans and most especially the Makueni county people, who had absolute hopes on how he was to assist them in developing and advancing the county’s growth and development projects as per the vision 2030.

On the burial day, thousands of people, including senior politicians from all over the world attended to pay their last respect to a man who they believed served his people well until his death.

Cause of Death

Immediately Mutula Kilonzo died there were speculations that he died from a heart attack.

However, a government report that was released in 2017, four years after his death, showed that he died of massive bleeding that was caused by high blood pressure.

The report was presented during a hearing in the inquest into Kilonzo’s death, therefore, ruling out the earlier speculations that he died of a heart attack.

Mutula Kilonzo Junior

Mutula Kilonzo Junior is the son of the former senator from Makueni, Mutula Kilonzo, who died while in office.  Just like his father, he is a senior lawyer by profession and is the current Makueni Senator.

He is one of the most liked Kenyan Senators majorly because of his wise ways of handling critical political matters and discussion more especially when on live Television.

Mutula Kilonzo Wealth

Mutula Kilonzo was an extremely wealthy man. He owned a multi-billion business empire, which has in fact led to a fight between the siblings.

He was a man who treasured land, money, and power. Therefore, he could do anything to secure his assets, making him one of the most influential and wealthiest men in Kenya.

 Mutula Kilonzo Lions

Mutula loved his Lions, which he kept at his Kwa Kyelu Ranch in Machakos County.

The Kenya Wildlife Service praised him for taking care of the wildlife animals, and by the time he died he had been appointed an honorary game warden.

Two years after his death, his son, Mutula Kilonzo Junior, complained about how his stepmother, who was neglecting the lions his father kept and loved so much.

Through Mutula Kilonzo Junior’s complaints, the Kenya Wildlife was forced to take possession of all the wild animals that Mutula Kilonzo kept at his ranch including the lions.

 Mutula Kilonzo House

Being a wealthy man, Kilonzo built his house and equipped it with all the household equipment you could imagine off.

He ensured that he lived comfortably, and therefore, made sure that nothing was left out when building his house. He, however, died in the same home!

Mutula Kilonzo Junior Wife

Behind every successful man, there is a woman! There is no doubt that Anita Mutula Junior is gorgeous and beautiful.

She has kept her life in private but, she hit the headlines when she sent a congratulatory tweet to her husband on his second re-election as Senator of Makueni in the last year’s Kenyan general election.

Here is her tweet: “My hearty Congratulations on your 2nd swearing-in! Proud of you love. May wisdom guide you throughout the term? God Bless.”

Mutula Kilonzo Law Firm

The Kilonzo and Co. Advocates Law Firm was established in the year 1975 by M. Kilonzo, Senior Counsel.

The Law firm has proven to be the best in Commercial, Civil, Information, Financial, Technology, and Communication Law, Drafting, Legislative, and Conveyancing.

The company is situated at Ngong Road, Opposite Baptist Church, Nairobi.



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