Read more about Loise Kim’s profile. As a renowned singer in Kenya, Loise has touched the lives of many.

In this article, I explore her biography, which includes her husband, marriage, all of her songs, and where you can download her latest hits

Who is Loise Kim?

Loise Njeri Githuku (shortened to Loise Kim) is a Kenyan musician famous for her Kikuyu songs. Given her fame, she was nominated for a Groove Awards, which she won as the Female Artist of the year.

She was born and raised in Kiambu County, Mwimuto village, in a family of eight and her parents are Pastor Felistus Njambi and David Githuku.

Loise Kim biography
Loise Kim (c. Facebook)

Loise Kim Husband & Family

Loise was once married and had two children with her husband.

The children are now grownups, and Loise is currently living as a single woman and as she says, “I let go of everything and decided to live my life and my ministry.”

That indicates that despite their marriage failing, she has learned to live happily as a single woman who is not focused on a wedding but instead on her life and her work.

In an interview with one of the local Kikuyu radio stations, she indicated that a formal wedding is not essential in a marriage, but what matters is the level of respect, and kindness shared between the couples.

Loise Kim Foundation

The Loise Kim Foundation is registered as a Christian Charity Organization that was founded by Loise Kim.

The Foundation is based in Nairobi and aims at supporting disadvantaged children like those with different abilities, and helping the various children’s homes in different parts of the country.

As opposed to other organizations that have not made clear how they raise their funds, Loise Kim Foundation strives to raise money through Music Concerts, donors, Philanthropists, Music Events, Road Shows, and through well-wishers.

Since its inception, Loise Kim Foundation has addressed numerous child growth areas that need urgent support such as the issue of Female Genital Mutation and Forced earlier marriages for underage girls.

The foundation has been able to successfully organize and host three events in Kiambu, Thika, and Nairobi.

One thing that has enabled the organization to attain such success is its closeness with County Governments, NGOs, Corporate and people of goodwill.

The money and other items collected during those events were donated to different children’s homes in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties.

The needy children in those homes were given food, uniforms, clothes, and assistive items (for those children with different abilities).

This is a good charity initiative that helps in changing the lives of several disadvantaged children.

Additionally, to support education, the Loise Kim Foundation purchases books, shoes, uniforms, and the needed stationery to enable the children from those homes to also learn.

The organization also pays electricity and water bills for the children’s homes, to lower disturbances that might interfere with the typical learning of those needy children, more especially when they are on holidays or weekends.

Lastly, in youth empowerment, the Loise Kim Foundation mentors needy children by closely monitoring them until they are done with school.

Once done with school, the foundation tries to secure vacancies for them at different Universities, Colleges, art, technical, and entrepreneurship institutions to nurture their skills, talents, and expertise to make them self-reliable people when they get out of the children homes.

Loise Kim Songs – Download Latest Songs List

How many Loise Kim Songs do you know? Have you ever downloaded them?

If so, what downloading site did you use? Well, given the rising cases of piracy in Kenya and across the world, people are expected to be careful with the websites they use when downloading patented songs.

In case, you are not aware of the best sites to access and download Loise Kim songs, here are some of the best sites;

  1. Apple Music
  2. Napster
  3. Shazam

Having identified the downloading sites, which song(s) of Loise Kim do you like? Is it listed here below?

  1. Ruriri Rurathime
  2. Queen Official
  3. Neti
  4. Nduguikara Hemaini
  5. Ndukahituke Official
  6. Wendo was Kiambiriria
  7. Nissi
  8. Wendo Waku
  9. Mujiari
  10. Dara Nie Official
  11. Uhotani
  12. Ndingiuga Ndundathimite
  13. Tiga Ni Ngai Official
  14. Nathaniel
  15. Utuku Uyu
  16. Kwina Hinya Official
  17. Ndi Haha

The above list consists of the Kikuyu Loise Kim songs that are most listened to, beginning with the latest. If you are a follower of Loise Kim am sure you have recognized two or three songs by now.

However, if you are not her follower, visit the sites I listed above for you to download some of her songs and enjoy them; they are nice!

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    Where did Loise Kim’s husband go? Do they still talk?

    • Vkenya

      Loise Kim’s husband left her for a white woman. We are not sure of the two still talk, but we can only expect that they somehow co-parent.

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