Linc Edochie is one famous Nigerian. Read this article to know more about this man and understand why and how he has acquired the fame he has. I will examine Linc’s biography which includes things such as age, family, and marital status. Enjoy!

Who is Linc Edochie?

Many Nigerian Movies fans find it hard to differentiate between Linc Edochie and his brother Yul Edochie because both of them resemble the young version of their father, the well-known Nollywood actor Pete Edochie.

Both the father and the two sons are legendary actors in the Nigerian Movie Network.

Linc Edochie is the first son of Pete Edochie. He is not only a famous Nigerian Actor but double up as a Scriptwriter, a Director, and a husband.

His career as an actor started in 1995 taking up a role in drama. He also took the role of his father’s version in the movie.

Linc Edochie Photo or Picture

Linc Edochie photo and picture resemble that of his brother and actor Yul Edochie. Here are some of the photos of Linc Edochie depicting different scenarios.

As you can see in the picture the actor is a hand some man a possible reason why he has a good following among the female fans

Linc Edochie Age

Although there is no clear information about the precise age of Linc Edochie, it is approximated that he was born in early 1970s. Thus, Linc Edochie age is somewhere between 40 years and 45 years.

Linc Edochie Family

Linc Edochie family is very popular, both in his home country, Nigeria and Africa at large. Born in a family of six children, Linc and his brother and actor as well, Yul Edochie are the most famous sons of Pete Edochie.

Being an accomplished veteran Nollywood Movie actor, Pete Edochie was born in 1947, in Enugu, Nigeria. He studied Television and Journalism in England at School of Journalism and Television. Throughout his career, Pete Edochie won many awards for dozens of films under his account.

Therefore, Linc continues the family’s traditions of filmography and acting in Nollywood film industry. His career was largely influenced by his father Pete Edochie.

Is Linc Edochie Married?

Yes, unlike his brother who got married at a tender age of 22 in 2004, Linc got married in late 2010 to Amaka  Edochie. However, little is documented regarding the number of children he has to date.

Linc Edochie Movies – Nigerian

He has starred in multiple Nigerian movies including “one life”, “my wicked uncle”, and “tears of sacrifices” among many others. In most of the movies he has been featured, he has managed to execute his role properly – at least according to his loyal fans.

Pastor Linc Edochie

Pastor Linc Edochie is one of the household Nollywood movie names you will come across both in Nigeria and in African Movie Network.

It depicts the religious side of L. Edochie and was well executed. Here are some of the photos of Linc in his pastoral role.

Linc Edochie Amazon

Many people don’t understand that customers and fans can be rewarded and connect with the actor via Amazon Giveaway.

Amazon host a social media platform where his fans can get all the answers regarding actor. People interested in purchasing Linc’s movies can as well find them online via

Linc Edochie Nollywood Actor

Does Linc act in Nollywood films? Well, as stated earlier here, by being a brother to the Nigerian actor Yul, and a son to the old-time Nollywood performer Pete Edochie, he is also an actor. His filmography list has a number of popular movies including the 2009 Aguiyi and

His filmography list has a number of popular movies including the 2009 Aguiyi and 2005 Another Bondage.

Some of the famous photos and pictures of Linc in action as a Nollywood actor are can be found online.



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