How can I check KCPE results? Well, in this article I explain where and how you can find this year’s KCPE results and those of the past years. So if you want to find out how class 8 candidates performed in 2019 this is the place to start.

What is KCPE?

KCPE stands for Kenya Certificate of Primary education. The exam at this stage is known as the KCPE Exam. Currently, students who have completed the 8th class of the primary school are eligible to sit for the exam. If you would like to learn how to register for KCPE examinations, please check out the link above.

Subjects Examined in KCPE

The KCPE exam involves 5 subjects. Students are therefore examined to determine their competence in grasping concepts in these 5 subjects. The subjects are:

  • English: Students are tested for reading, writing, and creative skills in this subject.
  • Kiswahili: Students are also tested for reading and skills in the Swahili Language
  • Mathematics: In this subject, students are tested to determine their ability to manipulate mathematical relations and equations. These include geometry, simple algebra, and the usual add-subtract-multiply-divide integers and fractions.
  • Science: In this subject, the students are tested for the mastery of scientific concepts. This subject prepares class 8 candidates for chemistry, biology, and physics taught at the secondary school.
  • Social Sciences: This is a subject about life and how people interact. The examiners assess the candidate’s understanding of socialization principles applicable in their society.

When will KCPE 2019 Results be released?

This year’s KCPE results were released on 18th November 2019, in a function heralded by the Education CS. Prof Magoha!

How to Check KCPE Results by SMS & Online

You can check KCPE exams using three main approaches which include SMS Codes, Online Portal Visits or a Physical visit to the exam center.

How to check the KCPE exam using SMS

After the exam has been released the Cabinet Secretary for Education (currently, Amina Mohammed) provides a shortcode to access the results. What you need is:

  • An active phone with a registered SIM card
  • Airtime for the phone

The procedure to follow when checking KCPE results using SMS is

  1. Navigate to the ‘Compose a message’ section of the phone
  2. In the message box, put the INDEX Number of the candidate followed by KCPE (for example 12345678 KCPE)
  3. Then in the recipient section put the code 20076
  4. Wait for the service to respond with the results.

The advantage of this approach is that it is simple and relatively fast compared to the traditional method of visiting the center.

The disadvantage with this method is the delays you may experience when traffic is high. Also, it becomes relatively costly when one needs to check the results of many candidates.

How to check KCPE Exam Online

If you wish to check the exam online, then all you need to have is:

  • Access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • Access to the internet (personal bundles or shared Wi-Fi)

The procedure to check KCPE online is:

  1. Google Search and click on KNEC website or just type into the address bar of the browser
  2. Click the link to go to the KCPE Section of the website
  3. Choose the specific school or exam center
  4. Find/insert your (or someone else’s) index number and check out the respective results

The advantage this method has is the fact that you can access the results of the whole school in one portal as long as they are made accessible. Also printing out such results is easy.

The disadvantage with this method is that the KNEC website tends to crash whenever results have been released due to massively high traffic and new visitors come in and the old visitors reload or navigate to new pages

How to check the KCPE exam at the School or Examination Centre

This is the traditional approach. In fact, even after using the above 2 methods, candidates always engage in the method to confirm. Well, everyone is skeptical.

Here all you need to do is travel to the school or center where the candidate sat for the exam. Then find the results list and let your eyes do their work.

The advantage of this approach is that you can check the results of as many students as you want at no cost.

The disadvantage here is the fact that you have to travel to the school or the exam center. Transport costs can be overwhelming if you stay far away from the exam center.

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