Who is Joseph Kamaru? This article explores the biography of this legendary musician from the central region of the republic of Kenya. I will also explore his profile in so far as his family and songs are concerned. I will also inform you where to download some of his greatest hit songs.

Joseph Kamaru Profile

Kamaru, a musician from the Central region of Kenya was born in the year 1939. He is the top Kikuyu musician, who during his career has managed to sell about half a million records.

He is one man who has demonstrated to the world that your background does not determine your future. He moved to Nairobi in the year 1957 and got a cleaning job, which did not work well with him, forcing him to start pursuing his music career in the year 1965.

However, it was until 1967, when he first made a breakthrough in the music industry with is Celina song. The peak of his career was in the years between 1975 and 1985.

In the 1980s, he made history by becoming the first Kenyan artist to perform at Carnivore Restaurant.  This action motivated other Kenyan artists also to work hard and present at the same venue.

Several of his songs were political, either criticizing or praising the government.  Before writing a song condemning the killing of Josiah Kariuki in the year 1975, he was a good friend of the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.

After the death and entrance of President Moi, he became an excellent friend of Moi, composing numerous songs that praised him like the Safari ya Japan.

In the year 1993, he disbanded his Kamaru Supersounds and reverted into singing the gospel music. This change, made him sell his music a lot. He is currently the chairman of the Kenya Association of Phonographic Industries and has a church in Nairobi.

Additionally, he has two record stores in the Nairobi and has recorded more than 2000 songs since he began his career. He is still enigmatic and Kenya’s most celebrated musician.

The entry of President Kibaki, the third president of Kenya, never interfered with Kamaru’s music career. He used to think that when Kibaki took over, he could ban his music, but on the contrary, Kibaki liked his music.

Joseph and his wife, the late Lucy Kibaki, enjoyed his melodious music and even danced to his music, something that promoted his music.

In fact, one thing that he is always remembered for is his braveness, when it comes to fighting for the rights of the musicians. For example, he asked the retired President Kibaki (when he was a minister of Finance) to stop taxing musicians. Later in the year 1976, Kibaki removed the tax on local music, encouraging several musicians to rise.

Joseph Kamaru Songs List – Gospel & Kikuyu Folk

Kamaru’s music is available on YouTube and can be downloaded at Mudundo.com, Juicy music, and any other download site that has been authorized by the Kenyan anti-piracy and entertainment industry.

 Joseph Kamaru Gospel Songs

  1. Gathoni
  2. Nuu Ucio (the 1980s)
  3. Chunga Marima
  4. Miti ya Gikuyu
  5. No Ithui Twari Kuo
  6. J M Kariuki

Joseph Kamaru Kikuyu Folk Songs

Below are Kamaru Kikuyu Folk songs, which are very entertaining, but, are recommended for adults only.

  1. Muthunguci (pt. 2 A)
  2. Nguina ndi na – tha
  3. Nikeruruo
  4. Ni-njugiri-rio
  5. Mwari wa kagoiya
  6. Wambui wa maitu
  7. Muthunguci (pt. 2 B)
  8. Cugio ni ahiki
  9. Ni-irekio warubathi
  10. Mutiiri mugi
  11. Kindu kia maunai
  12. Nengera ciringi
  13. Guku ndiukaga
  14. 2. Ni ngugiira ira
  15. Nuu waari ndunyu
  16. ◦Muthunguci (pt. 5 A)
  17. Muthunguci (pt. 5 B)
  18. Ndokeirio rwenji
  19. Ni-ithui kiambi
  20. Njukia
  21. Thuriu
  22. Kindu kia munai
  23. Muthunguci (pt. 7)
  24. Muthunguci (pt. 8)
  25. Huui wainaga
  26. Ngurara nja ◦Muthunguci (pt. 9)
  27. Mucung’wa (pt. 1)
  28. Iri kurura.

References on Joseph Kamaru’s Biography


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