Johnson Muthama Personal Profile

Officially referred to as Johnson Muthama Nduya is a renowned politician in Kenya. He was born on 20 October 1954 in Kangundo, Machakos County, Kenya.

Muthama is a responsible married man to many wives with whom he sired several children

Johnson Muthama Wives

The estranged wife of the former Machakos Senator, Agnes Kavindu appeared in the news in one of the popular dailies in Kenya a few years back complaining about his neglect. The wife was, however, by the time of airing her grievances still living in Muthama’s Kyumvi palatial house in Machakos County when she raised the issue.

Even so, the former senator is not stranger to matrimonial disputes. In fact, reports surfaced after this encounter suggesting that Agnes is Muthama’s first married wife, but he once offloaded before recalling her again sometime in their marriage life.

It was when Agnes was away that he married a second woman. The second wife bored with him six daughters in a row. While Agnes was away, sources claim, Muthama married a second wife, in a row, bored with him, six daughters.

His third marital woman was a teacher by profession. She had long illness while married to him and died from the disease.

He then cast his net wider after that sad encounter and got married to an Italian lady who, according to the sources, became Muthama’s fourth wife. Out of the fourth marriage, the wealthy gemstone dealer sired one daughter and one son.

He later on split with the Italian wife went back to her native country in Europe.

Johnson Muthama Children

Muthama together with his wives were blessed with nine known children, three sons and eight daughters. They are Paul, Naomi, Patricia, Alice, Ruth, Janet, Lyndah, Moses, Christine, Margaret, and William.

Johnson Muthama Education Background

There is scanty information regarding the education background of Muthama. What is in the public domain is that he graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. He has in-depth understanding of diamond grading system as a Gemologist.

Johnson Muthama Professional Occupation

Muthama is a famous businessman in Kenya. He has held and still holds different leadership roles in mining and related companies. He was appointed the Chair and Director of Muthama gemstone (K) Ltd, a position he has held since 1990.

From 1990, he assumed the same role in Rockland Kenya ltd while from 2004, he became the Chair and Director of Rockstone properties ltd.

He is also the current member of the geological society of Kenya, Kenya private sector alliance, and the American chamber of commerce of Kenya.

Johnson Muthama Political Career

Muthama is not new in Kenyan politics. He is a live member of Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya, currently an affiliate party to NASA. In 2007, he was first elected as a member of the National Assembly of Kenya to represent the Kangundo Constituency in the Kenyan parliamentary election.

In early 2013 general elections, he was elected to the Kenyan Senate, representing the Machakos County.

In the same year, Muthama was nominated as a chief whip in the Senate by the CORD Alliance.

In the August 2017 General elections, he pulled out of the race for the Senatorial seat in Machakos at the during party nominations citing political differences with his party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, the supposed political leader of the ethnic Kamba community in Kenya.

He is regarded one of the hard stand politicians in Kenya. In fact, in several occasions, he neither feared to criticize the former Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee administration nor the leadership of his party any moment he differed with their policies and leadership practices.

He is also remembered for opposing the Wiper Party’s nomination of the gubernatorial candidate, Wavinya Ndeti for the Machakos County office.

Johnson Muthama Wealth

Muthama is extremely rich by all standard of measure. In fact, among the popular politicians in the country, he is rated at the top of the list.

He acquired his wealth within a short period. You could be wondering how the little educated former Machakos amassed such wealth without attending a reputable higher institution of learning to acquire a degree.

Well, that is true but being a class seven dropout, he successfully accumulates a lot of wealth for himself. Muthama’s journey to riches rewrites the mantra that the only key to success is Education.

He owns a multi-billion mining firm known as Rockland Kenya Limited, alleged to be the main source of his vast wealth. He acquired this wealth at a tender age. The idea to do business was born when he visited his uncle who worked in mines at in the Taita Taveta when very young and began working as a tea boy.

The process to his riches is long but to cut the story short, Muthama was a committed man who ventured into the mining industry. In 1992, his company Rockland Kenya Limited acquired Stones Ltd.

According to familiar sources, Muthama gained invaluable experience in the mining sector after many years of work in the lucrative business. His first purchase deal was with Topaz Group where he managed to buy from Rockland Kenya all the rubies.

By that time, Topaz Group was among the top distributors and producers of jewelry as well as semi-precious and precious stones. It was out of this profitable pact led to his ownership of Rockland Kenya Limited.

Today, former Senator is rated as one of the richest businessmen and politician in Kenya. He has numerous homes located in high-end residential areas in the country including Nyali, Muthaiga, and Runda. He also owns homes in Kangundo and Machakos.

The Panama papers recently mentioned him as one of the few people in Kenya and of Kenyan decent with offshore accounts. When he was questioned about the same, he admitted having a Rockland96 account in Switzerland with HSBC Bank.

From his business transactions, it is estimated that Muthama, in a four year period saw his businesses handle about Sh5.1 Billion.

Johnson Muthama Controversies

Muthama is not new to controversies. The Senator, while addressing the media in early November 2013, openly proclaimed that the administration of Uhuru Kenyatta had withdrawn his security because of his position on the then ongoing cases against the president in the International Criminal Court.

The president was by that time facing trials in this court after being linked to the 2008 post-election massacres in Kenya.

With such security threats at his disposal, Muthama did not relent on his stand about the issue and firmly claimed that he would speak the truth no matter what the government thought about him.

As recently as June 2016, the former Senator was among a few Kenyan politicians detained by the Jubilee administration for intolerable public statements.

Muthama and the seven other politicians were later charged in Kenyan court after being in police custody for four good days. During the period of their arrest, they were detained in several police stations within the Capital City of Nairobi by the security officers before resurfacing in court.

On 28 July 2016, all the charges against him were dropped in court.

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