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James Orengo’s Family – Wife & Son

When not in the political arena and the courtrooms, Orengo doubles up as a married, family man.

Born in 1951, he got married to Betty Murungi, the sister to former human rights activist, lawyer, and politician, the current Governor of Meru Country, Kiraitu Murungi many years back.

They were blessed with seven children, three daughters, and four sons. All his children are kept out of public scrutiny and showbiz business.

However, Michael is the only son of the senior lawyer and politician whose life is somehow in the public domain.

Lavender Orengo, the senator’s daughter came into the limelight when she got married to Muisyo Mutua sometime back.

Or else, very little, if none, is known about the personal family life of Orengo and that of his children and wife other than his political and professional careers.

If you are interested in knowing more about the family life of James, the veteran lawyer, here is an in-depth view of his wife and son, Michael.

Orengo’s Wife

Apart from being married to the veteran politician and lawyer, Betty Murungi, like his brother Kiraitu is a human rights activist and a Nairobi lawyer.

Just like his children, James Orengo has managed the whereabouts of his wife in a private affair.

Orengo’s Son

Michael Orengo is the son and photocopy of Siaya senator and Senior Counsel Lawyer, James Orengo. Michael does not only look like his father in his physical appearance but also in his mental capacity and ability.

Just like his father, he has the brain or intelligence.

Michael, as alumni of one of Kenya’s top schools – Brookhouse School, got his higher-level education from one of the prestigious institutions in the UK called the University of Manchester.

He managed to graduate with a master’s degree in architecture. Here is a photo of Michael.

James Orengo’s Wealth

Other than owning a law firm located along Standard Street on the 6th floor, Lonrho House estimated to be worth millions of Kenya Shillings or hundreds of thousands of US dollars, Orengo is not known to be a wealthy person.

But in the public domain, the lawyer/politician is popular for buying very expensive belongings including his attire. That came into the limelight when he held the Ministerial position in the grand coalition regime.

In his book “Peeling Back the Mask,” Miguna Miguna, the controversial activist cum politician in Kenya made an allegation about Orengo’s extravagant life.

In the publication, it was claimed that he bought himself a very expensive Italian suit approximated to cost him $5,000 or KSh 500,000.

Other items on the list were two belts estimated at $400 or KSh. 40,000 each as well as a shirt costing $800 or KSh. 80,000.

The expenditure causes public uproar forcing Orengo to cleanse his name in public. In his speech, the senator insinuated that he was a rich person although he failed to disclose exactly how much he is worth.

James Orengo Law Firm

JAB Orengo Advocate, Nairobi is the name of Orengo’s law firm. It’s is a popular company that has won many critical lawsuits both criminal and civil.

However, despite its good reputation, the firm, like many other similar organizations in the country is not short of controversy.

As early as December 2017, Orengo’s law firm was accused by its former clerk, Mr. Ogango for failure to pay pending salary payments approximated to be $9,500 or KSh. Sh950, 000.

According to papers in the Employment and Labor Relation Court, the Siaya Senator is accused of frustrating the complainant.

He is also alleged to refuse to compensate the ex-worker for the 17 months blatantly he rendered the services at the firm.

But in his defense, the senior lawyer through his company, J.A.B Orengo Advocates promised to settle the matter once the country’s harsh economic situation ends.

James Orengo Life History


A Kenyan lawyer and politician, James Aggrey Bob Orengo was born 68 years ago and studied for his Bachelor of Law degree at the University Of Nairobi, Kenya.

James Orengo Biography
James Aggrey Orengo

He held a Ministerial position in the Ministry of Lands between 2008 and 2013. Since 2013, the veteran lawyer cum politician has served as a senator for Siaya County.

Education and Early Life

Orengo acquired his childhood education at Ambira Primary School in his place of birth in Siaya District, Ugenya Constituency before proceeding to the Alliance High School.

Later on, he pursued a law degree at the University of Nairobi where he graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1974.

He also held the position of president in the institution’s student body in his final year.

Multi-party Democracy and Political Reforms

Orengo became popular in Kenya following his active role in the fight against a dictator KANU regime under the president, Daniel Arap Moi, an initiative that saw him spend many years behind bars.

Along with other young leaders then including Paul Muite, Kiraitu Murungi, Kijana Wamalwa, and Raila Odinga joined forces with veteran politicians like Martin Shikuku, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and Masinde Muliro relentlessly fought and brought about Kenya’s second liberation.

The movement ultimately formed into the formidable party, the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (FORD) which in 1992 presidential elections, they used and almost unseated the then president of Kenya.

Orengo is also a founding member of a Movement for Change known as Muungano WA Mageuzi. This was a lobby group that advocated for change in Kenyan politics in the 1990s.

Personal life

He is happily married to his beloved wife Betty Murungi, a Kenyan human rights activist and Nairobi Lawyer.

Political career

Orengo was first elected on KANU ticket in 1980 by-election as an MP for Ugenya Constituency becoming the youngest MP by then aged 29 years.

Subsequently, he was elected in December 1992 as an MP on a FORD-Kenya ticket. In December 1997, he was re-elected on a Ford-Kenya ticket.

However, in the 2002 general elections, he unsuccessfully defended his seat and lost to Archbishop Stephen Ondiek when he used the Social Democratic Party (SDP) ticket to also contest for the Presidency.

Unfortunately, he only garnered 0.4% of the total votes, coming fourth in the presidential run race.

In 2007, Orengo made a comeback and won the Ugenya Parliamentary seat after supporting and abandoning his SDP to join and vie on an ODM ticket.

He played a big role in Kenya’s 2007-2008 post-election crisis following the disputed presidential elections.

He served as one of the four spokesmen, representing the Orange Democratic Movement against the Party of National Unity.

Held Ministerial Positions

Orengo served in the Grand Coalition Government born out of the 2007 disputed elections as a Minister for Lands under the National Accord Act of 2008 agreement, his first period in such a position.

While in that position, he unearthed grand corruption scandals in government including the procedural or unlawful $30 million US or KSh. 2.7 billion sales of the Grand Regency hotel to the Libyan buyers.

James Orengo Contacts

If you are interested in meeting or contacting James orange, here is the postal address:

Aggrey James Orengo
Parliament Buildings
Parliament Road
P.O BOX 41842 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya.


The mobile telephone number of the senior lawyer and senator for Siaya County is 0722743743.


Those interested in communicating with Orengo via Twitter can follow his account @orengo-james.


The Facebook account of the senator is Hon-James-Orengo.

You will be among the current 113118 likes of his platform including Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, and Hon. Simba Arati under the hashtag: James Orengo Kenya devotees Nairobi, Kenya.

He uses this account to discuss his political stand on the existing political dilemma in the country.

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