Isaac Ruto is on record as one of the most outspoken governors of Bomet County. He has in the past attracted controversy due to his speech and actions. In this article, we examine his biography and the extend to which he has gone so as to achieve his life goals. The biography will touch on his family (daughter, wife), contacts and wealth.

Isaac Ruto Profile

Isaac Ruto is among the most iconic Kenyan politicians, and he is formerly the first Bomet Governor. He had a long political story right from his university days at the university of Nairobi, where he was among student activists arrested during the 1982 coup attempt on Moi’s regime.

Before being a governor, he been a member of parliament since 1997 to 2013 and in between, he has held a number of ministerial posts including minister of environment and several assistant minister posts. This implies he was born in the early days of the Kenyan nation, as it will be revealed below.

Date of Birth

Isaac Ruto was born in 1967 Cheptiret, now in Uasin Gishu County, but his political activities including governorship position have been vying in Bomet County, as his native area of choice.

Isaac Ruto Family

Although Isaac Ruto is a politician, he is also like any other man with family and children. He has his brothers and sisters and one of his brother’s children died in a grisly road accident.

He was blessed with a beautiful wife and several children. Emmy was his elder child and a beloved daughter and when Ruto talked about the laptop project, he revealed that he had a son, who is about seven years old.

Ruto’s Daughter

Emmy Chepng’etich Ruto was the first daughter to Isaac Ruto. Until her sudden death, Emmy had attended university education and majored in electrical engineering where she graduated successfully and got a good job at Geothermal Development Company in Nakuru County.

She was also captain of the Kenya National Women`s Cricket Team. Emmy was diagnosed with leukemia and was scheduled to receive treatment in India and she died suddenly before she could be flown there for the appropriate medication.

It was a painful loss to the family and the society and Ruto was hugely affected in that he pledged to build a hospital in Bomet that deals with such conditions.

Isaac Ruto Wealth

Isaac Ruto is a political powerhouse in Kenya and not only politics does he hail in, but when it comes to the issues of business and the economy in particular, he holds a high place among the heavyweights.

Ruto is a wealthy man and his wealth is estimated at slightly above Ksh3 billion. In recent times, he acquired a chopper worth kshs300 million and he owners several petrol stations, and he acquired about forty earthmovers worth Sh400 million for his esteemed construction company.

Isaac Ruto Contacts

When wants a one on one dialogue with the immediate former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto, he needs not to search far off, a workable contact is here and can help him realize something wonderful. The former governor’s contact is 0722855077.

Isaac Ruto News-Latest News

Following 2017 August 8th general election, Isaac Ruto`s prominence was tested as he lost to Joyce Laboso of Jubilee party. As a reaction or response to Jubilee`s tactics, Isaac Ruto shifted gears and decided to support NASA for the shortest time possible as the fifth principal in the NASA coalition.

His marriage to the opposition alliance only lasted a few days before Ruto decamped again by taking a U-turn and started supporting Jubilee party and its presidential candidate before the repeat polls were held.

This came as a surprise since he had differed with DP William Ruto over the rift valley supremacy and other issues related to devolution and the scandals that surrounded majority of the first governors in office.

Recently, Isaac Ruto appeared in Laboso`s swearing in ceremony and appeared to concede defeat and supported the new governor by congratulating her and her new team in office for winning the last poll.

Isaac Ruto Injured

Isaac Ruto was injured when a reagas ganister was thrown in his direction after his supporters as a governor of Bomet clashed Joyce Laboso`s fans during a football match.

A teargas hit him in tehb face and damaged one of his eyes and thus forced his team and family doctor to seek specialized medical attention for him at one of the major private hospitals in Nairobi.

Esther Ruto

Esther Ruto hailed as the first lady of Bomet County following Isaac Ruto`s successful run for the gubernatorial position whose termed ended in j 2017 prior to the general election.

Esther is also a mother to a couple of children and their first child being Emmy Chepng’etich, who passed on sometime in 2014 after a serious illness.

Esther Ruto like her daughter has a rich engineering background and she is currently the manager for the rural electrification program.

She has had an active role in enlightening women and disadvantaged people in the society and she is well known for fighting for the rights of women and creating awareness about HIV and Aids among the population.

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