Read more on the biography of Ali Hassan Joho. In this article, I will discuss about Joho’s House, family and sources of wealth. Apart from his net worth, I will also present some photos of Joho.

Hassan Joho’s Profile

How well do you know Hassan Joho? Well if you do not know him well do not worry because am going to ensure you know him. To start with he is the Governor of Mombasa County: Kenya’s top tourist attraction county, which is well known for its beautiful beaches and sceneries.

He was born on 26th February 1976 in Mombasa and has spent most of his life in this county and in the year 2013, he became the first Governor of that province.

He is the only politician in Kenya who means what he says!  He has been seen on several occasions fighting for the rights of his people to the extent that he even goes against the president’s orders.

This bravery has made rise to become one of the most liked and admired by most young men more especially those from the opposition (NASA) headed by Raila Odinga.

Joho’s Education Background

Earlier last year there were several attempts to block Joho from defending his seat as the Governor of Mombasa County for a second term.

This was amid claims by his rivals that he had fake educational certificates, and therefore, could not be allowed since he never met the minimum qualifications to contest for governorship position.  But, did Joho go to school?

Yes! Joho is a highly learned fellow. He received his primary and background education at Tom Mboya Primary School, and upon completion, he proceeded to Serani Boys Secondary School.

He received his Diploma in Management at Kenya Institute of Management, but, later continued to do a degree in Business Management and Human Resource Management.

Aside from numerous fellowship programs, he has also vast experience in Information Technology. When there were claims that he is unqualified to run for the governorship, Joho came out to defend himself and even stated that he was doing a master’s degree, which he hopes to graduate soon.

Hassan Joho Photos

The following are some of the best photos of Joho, which indicate that he has a higher rank in the Kenyan Politics.

  • Photo 1: Ali Hassan Joho
  • Photo 2: Joho with President Uhuru Kenyatta
  • Photo 3: Joho with his ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga.

 Hassan Joho Family & Wife

A little is known about Joho’s family because he does not like exposing stories about his family members.

Even so, he is one of the few politicians who is believed to be happily married to one wife.  His wife is Madina, and together they have been blessed with four children, who were seen during his second swearing-in ceremony as the Governor of Mombasa County.

Joho’s Wife

Madina Joho is the first lady of Mombasa County and has been at the forefront of ensuring that his husband accomplishes his targets as the governor of Mombasa County.

She is half-Italian and can speak up in seven languages, and currently, she is pursuing a Master of Business at a Mombasa Campus.  Last year, she was on social media for having celebrated her 28th birthday party that was seen as one of the best ever private party.

Hassan Joho House

Amongst those people who have the best and beautiful houses in Kenya, he is probably at the top. His home, situated at Nyali, was build using imported materials, costing him millions of cash.  Below is a photo of that house.

Joho’s Wealth – Where did it come from?

Besides being one of the most successful politicians in Kenya and a man who has served Kenyans in several public service posts, he is a businessman.

He owns one of the biggest company in Mombasa, the Prima Pest and Bins Limited and other companies like M-tech Kenya Limited and East African Terminals.

Additionally, he is a respected man in the shipping and logistics business, and therefore, that generates extra cash that adds up to his wealth.

Joho’s Social Media Profiles – Facebook & Twitter

Social media is the most used hi-tech platform where millions of people are able to contact each other regardless of their geographical location.

Joho being a digital guy, he has created his Facebook and Twitter accounts through which his followers can reach him at any time, form any place in the world.  The following Links might be useful in case you want to view Joho’s social media accounts.

Ali Hassan Joho’s Latest News

Some of the latest news about Joho include the dismissal of the petition seeking to disqualify his election as governor of Mombasa County.

Also, he was the only governor who was ready to give his county to serve as a venue for the swearing in of Raila Odinga, a plan that has been ongoing by the opposition party (NASA).

The party claims that it won the August 2017 Kenyan general election and shall not rest until its leader, Raila is sworn into office as the people’s president.

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