Who is Francis Atwoli? Well, to answer this question we would need to assess his life as a whole.

As a renowned activist for laborers’ rights all over the world, Atwoli is an interesting man to watch and listen to. Below we examine the life of this man associated with the sentiment ‘Shenzi Sana’

Francis Atwoli Profile – Who is he?

Atwoli is one of the most influential believers of workers’ rights in Kenya and across the world.

On several occasions he has been seen fighting for the rights of workers, stating categorically that all workers’ rights must be respected by their employees.

He is the current Secretary-General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (Kenya).

He was elected to the post in the year 2002, after working as a member of the Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Kenya for several years.

Since then, he has been a strong advocate of the workers’ rights, criticizing the politicians, including the President of Kenya on issues such as dabbling in corruption, and refusal to raise worker’s allowances.

Apart from representing the Kenyan workers, he is also the president of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity and a vice-president of the International Labor Organizations headquartered in Geneva, Swaziland.  He is, therefore, available and in an excellent position to fight for the workers’ rights across the world.

During the Lectures’ and Doctors’ strikes in Kenya last year, Francis was at the forefront negotiating with the leaders of the unions of these workers to accept and have a dialogue with the Kenyan Government.

For instance, to salvage the situation that was worsening at the Kenyan Hospitals, he went to court and asked to be granted permission to mediate between the government and the doctors’ union to end their strike.

Atwoli Francis Age

Francis is 70 years old, last year many leaders wished him a happy birthday, wishing him well as he continues to fight for the workers.  Of these years, he has spent 50 years fighting for the rights of the workers, something that is quite encouraging to several people, more especially those who are also interested in becoming like him.

Francis Atwoli’s Family

Atwoli is a family man, who despite being heavily involved in guarding and fighting for the workers, rights always find time for his family.  His wife is Madam Rosalinder Simiyu, who had kept a low profile for several years but was heard when she revealed her interests in joining active politics.

He has several children, including the adopted ones, which he has taken the responsibility to ensure that they complete their studies and become successful men and women in the near future.

Francis Atwoli’s Education Background

Owing to his activism, Atwoli has been awarded numerous honorary degrees by different universities such as the Masinde Muliro University, the University of Nairobi, and Kenyatta University.

Also, he has received scholarships to study in various higher institutions like the ILO College of International Labor Studies in Turin, Italy,  George Mini Labor Centre in Maryland, USA, and Cotu Institute of Education in Limuru, Kenya.

Atwoli’s Salary

Atwoli is among the few Kenyans, who earn more than their President. Having three jobs, he is likely to be receiving approximately 4 million per month an amount that is slightly higher than the president’s salary.

The salary comes from the several board meetings he sits in as well as the International Labor Organization and the Central Organization of Trade Unions.

Francis Atwoli Wealth

I believe Atwoli is one of the top ten wealthiest guys in Kenya. He is a hardworking man, who has earned his wealth through hard work and owns several businesses in Kenya and in some foreign countries like Germany.

He is a billionaire who receives much of his earnings from his companies, salaries, and the allowances he receives. To prove that he is rich, during an interview with Jeff Koinange, a famous Kenyan Journalist, he stated that his daily attire is worth over 1 million Kenyan shillings!

Francis Atwoli’s Car & House

Atwoli is one of the few people in Kenya who drives a Mercedes Benz-S300 model, which he acquired from Germany in the year 2011. The car is worth 30 million Kenyan shillings and has unique features such as the ability to change colors depending on the prevailing weather.

Given the camouflaging capabilities of his car, it makes me wonder, what is the exact tone that the Kenya Revenue Authorities (KRA) has registered it with!

Also, he owns a palatial home in Kitengela that is worth millions of shillings. The house well-built and has been equipped with all the classic things an extraordinary house can have.

Being a classy man, Atwoli has fitted his home with golden furniture, making it look like Statehouse or Whitehouse! His home is well known and admired by several Kenyans, who also wish they could build such a house.


  • Hassan Yussuf

    As a Kenyan , I have maximum respect for Mr Francis for his outstanding service for humanity ,especially his commitment to workers welfare the world over. Although immensely rich , as you have put it, Mr.Atwoli is a very humble and down to earth man .

    • vKenya

      True Hassan,
      Many agree that Atwoli has achieved a lot in his tenure as the Sec Gen of COTU

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