Baptized as David Maraga Kenani but commonly known as Justice David Maraga is the current and 14th Chief Justice (CJ) of the Supreme Court of Kenya and president of the Kenyan Judiciary.David Maraga biography

He is from the Kisii tribe. He was born in 1951, on 12th January in Bonyamatuta, Nyamira County.

David Maraga’s Life History

The CJ is a true and staunch Seventh-Day Adventist faithful. He is remembered for loudly invoking God’s name and wear for having not taken any bribe in his entire life when he was vetted by JSC for his current job.

He also plainly told the JSC vetting board that if appointed the country’s president of the Judiciary, just like before, he can never execute his responsibilities as a CJ on Saturday.

The main reason given by Maraga in the proceeding for his position was that he could never compromise the church to carry out his professional duties on that day. It’s because Saturday is a day he reserves to rest and worship.

David Maraga’s Age

As on 12th January 2024, the CJ was 73 years old. Given that a CJ can serve two five-year terms before reaching 70 years, it means that he has only three years left before he goes for retirement.

It also means that he cannot serve as CJ for term terms as expected.

As a result, the country will be searching for another Chief Justice Come year 2021.

David Maraga’s Family Life

Being a devoted Christian, Maraga is married to only one wife. He has three children. When asked about his family life, he says only two things guide him: his unconditional faith in God first and also in the law of the country.

As a staunch Seventh-day Adventist, he committed during his appointment as the President of the Supreme Court of Kenya and Chief Justice of the Judiciary to serve Kenyans and humanity.

David Maraga’s Education

The currently serving president of the Judiciary studied Bachelor of Law at the University of Nairobi and graduated in 1977 with an undergraduate degree in law.

Thereafter, he acquired a Master of Law degree from the University of Nairobi.

In 1978, he was awarded a postgraduate diploma by the Kenya School of Law. Maraga is also a qualified and gifted facilitator and trainer.

He has facilitated numerous sessions of capacity-building at the Law Society of Kenya’s Continuous Legal Education (CLE) workshops, the Judiciary Training Institute, and also in conferences and seminars held by other related institutions.

David Maraga’s Professional Life

Before he became a Judge, Maraga actively practiced as a private lawyer for 25 good years. He covered areas such as conveyance as well as Criminal and Civil litigations.

He was appointed a Kenyan High Court Judge in October 2003 and in 2011, a Judge in the Court of Appeal.

Upon his appointment as Court of Appeal Judge, he presided over the Court of Appeal in Kisumu.

His nomination to the judicial office came before the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya.

He was vetted and cleared to hold his current position in 2012 by the Judges & Magistrates Vetting Board.

Like said before, during his vetting, he caused drama when he swore to hold a Holy Bible before the vetting panel and declared that in his whole judicial profession, he had never and will never take bribes in the future.

David Maraga’s Wealth

You may be wondering how much the Kenyan chief justice David Maraga earns. Well, this is a complete evaluation of his salary and estimated wealth.


Kenyan CJs rank among the highest-paid civil servants. They earn salaries on the same scale as the speaker of the National assembly, the Deputy President, and the President of Kenya.

In his position as the country’s Chief justice, he should be getting a basic salary minus allowances of about Ksh. 1,300,000.

Above this amount, he enjoys hefty allowances which make his monthly total earnings to be not less than Ksh. 5,000,000.

On top of these substantial payments, he is entitled to government security, official cars, and an official residence or a mansion at Runda.


Proven sources allege that he uses most of his money to help the poor in society and build churches. To him, the richness of his soul comes above the amassing wealth of the world.

As a believer of the SDA church, he cannot work on the Sabbath day on Saturdays since the day is purely reserved for resting and attending church services as stated before.

David Maraga’s Controversies

Other than parking his car in a section reserved for people with disability at the Supreme Court’s parking lot on 28th October 2016, Maraga is not known for any other incident that might have caused public eyebrows.

This happened when he was still acclimatizing to the environment after being appointed the CJ.

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