Bonny Khalwale Early Life

The former medical officer and Kenyan politician, Bonny Khalwale, commonly known as “the bullfighter” is the former Member of the National Assembly of Kenya representing the Ikolomani Constituency.

Dr Khalwale was born on 5th August 1960 in Kakamega, Kenya.

He acquired his primary and high school education in Kakamega before joining the University of Nairobi in 1981 and graduated with a degree in Medicine.

  • Like some other local Western Kenya families, he enjoys a polygamous lifestyle.
  • He is also a great fan of boxing, watching soccer, and bullfighting.
  • He loves to drink his favorite tipple Tusker on weekends.
  • He enjoys eating food such as traditional vegetables known as mrenda and beef served with maize meal called ugali.

Bonny Khalwale Marriage Life

The bullfighter got married to his first wife when he was in his second year at Kakamega School.

He is a responsible married man to two wives with whom he was blessed with several children.

Bonny Khalwale Family

Khalwale does not feel ashamed to say how many wives he is married. Out of the several children he has, three have graduated from the university while one, the fourth is still studying at the university.

Two of his many children are still at the primary school level.

Bonny Khalwale Education Background

Dr. Khalwale is a qualified Gynecologist. He studied and graduated with an undergraduate Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Nairobi from 1981 to 1987.

Between 1979 and 1980, he attended Kakamega High School and attained his ‘A’ level KACE certificate.

From 1975 to 1978, he joined and pursued his ‘O’ levels certificate from Musingu Boys High School.

Bonny Khalwale Professional Experience

The bull fighter’s professional career is not wide. He practiced as a private medical doctor in Kakamega between 1991 and 2002.

From 1990 to 1995, he practiced as a private medical doctor in Mombasa, and between 1988 and 1990, he was employed in the Kenyan government as a Medical Officer.

Bonny Khalwale Political Career

Khalwale ventured into the world of politics for the first time in 2002 when he successfully contested on a NARC party ticket for the Ikolomani Constituency Parliamentary Seat.

He retained this seat in the 2007 general election, this time around on a New Ford Kenya party ticket.

But, in 2011, the Kenyan court nullified his 2007 election as the Member for Parliament.

In the 2011 by-election, he won back the same seat beating off the region’s dominant party, Orange Democratic Movement’s strong challenger.

In 2012, Dr. Khalwale while contesting on a UDF Party ticket comfortably won the Kakamega County’s Senatorial seat.

During his whole period as a senator, he did not have a good relationship with his party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

The poor relationship with the leader of his sponsor party portrayed his a rebel and was accused by other live members of the UDF for selfishly gaining from the party ticket.

This led to his decamping from the UDF party to join Ford Kenya Party in preparation for the next general election.

In the August 2017 general election, he developed an interest in the gubernatorial seat, then held by the powerful and deputy party leader of ODM, Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya. Unfortunately, he lost the seat to the incumbent.

However, being a vocal politician, he has remained relevant by actively getting involved in the controversial swearing-in-office, Raila Amollo Odinga as the people’s president.

While serving in the 10th Kenyan parliament, he has appointed the chair of the most important Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

It’s in this position that his reputation was largely created for leading a censure motion against ministers with a high profile in the government.

Bonny Khalwale Net Worth

According to various media sources including a report by Vipfag, Khalwale has had significant growth in his net worth in the last year approximated to be about $750,000 by early 1918.

The wealth of the former Senator comprises luxury goods like private airplanes and yachts, and properties, and stocks.

Bonny Khalwale Rare Life Encounters

The most controversial encounter of Khalwale is his arrest in the aborted 1982 coup while studying at the University of Nairobi.

As a result, he was discontinued in his study for 14 months. However, he was not the only student to suffer this fate as many others were caught up in the police swoop.


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