Sports betting is outside the definition of a sports game or the love for the game. It is predominantly gain-driven and occasionally argument-driven, however all the same a wage is covenanted.

What is Sports Betting

To be precise, sports betting is a notion-driven prediction of the sport-game result, which is accompanied by fostering the thought, by the placement of a wager.

The betting is on a winning basis and does not conventionally involve an opposition on the bid.

The bet is deposited to the service provider’s account and if the prediction is right according to the placed bid, the proposed reward is handed to the bettor, and if otherwise, the wage is retained by the service provider.

The bettor, who hands in a fee anticipates his/her chosen side to win and is optimistically driven to place a wager. Sports betting however has been widely considered as a manifestation of gambling.

By reviewing gambling, the definitive principles defining the practice constitute consideration, chance, and prize, which strikingly characterize the aspect of sports betting thereby justifying the claim.

However, pro-bettors suggest otherwise and are quick to bolster their line of thought.

Best Sports Betting Websites and Portals

The internet has been a very powerful vehicle in contemporary sports betting and has emerged as indelible in recent years.

Online sports betting is the order of most Western countries with third-world countries embracing localized betting dishing betting tickets over the counter.

International sports betting occurs by the use of websites viewable across the globe and virtually in every country.

Sports betting operators have developed ingenious ways of capturing sports bettors by developing websites, which are worldwide accessible pages.

These pages integrate into websites written with the bettor in mind. Development and content generation have been created by observing the behavioral tendencies of sports bettors.

These sports betting websites are highly graphic and splashed with flash images, sports-oriented, offer updated textual and streamable information, archived history of games, seasons, and teams, in-depth ports analysis, review, and prediction, and a financial platform to absorb bettors’ bids.

Sports betting websites may be one-sport oriented, in case of a condensed market area, or inclusive of several sports, in case of wider market capture.

The operation of sports websites is done by dedicated individuals and organizations, who obtain special licenses susceptible to levies to run the venture.

It is worth noting that the 335 billion dollar sports betting spewed across the globe registered more than half transaction capacity in online website betting rather than localized modes.


Among worldwide websites in the field of sports betting, there has not been any that outwits Bovada.

This website is the de facto of sports websites and is a top site in user-based capacity, popularity, financial properties, and convenience.

The website structuring has been described by many a fan as being the most user-friendly, convenient to maneuver around, and best in terms of money processing.

Accredited reviews in the field assign a general rating of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5.0, which is remarkable among peer websites.

Bovada is characterized by attractive bonuses to new bettors; and 50% discounts which could guarantee $250 in the first deposit to your account.

Besides this, Bovada has a dedicated customer care service of qualified personnel quite apt with the nuts and bolts of the website and a fast deposit/withdrawal system possible through credit cards, money transfers, bank wire, and checks.


Topbet is prevalent in the EU as well as the US and is one of the top betting websites around the internet.

This website is rich in information and provides detailed and user-friendly information on odds and stats that bettors desperately need to influence the placement of their wagers.

It is very interesting and quite secure to use and has been designed to quickly identify with new bettors in the field. It exudes an assurance sentiment that leads to loyal customer creation.

A bonus of 50% on depositions, which implies a $200 deposition for instance would translate to an actual $300 worth of wager capacity.

The website has friendly and dedicated customer care as well that attends to users’ queries and needs. Money transfers are quick enough and can be done across multiple recognizable platforms.

Topbet is overall rated 4.0/5.0.


BetOnline is based in Panama City within Panama but is relatively crowded by US bettors who have somewhat identified the benefits of signing into the website.

BetOnline is one of the pioneering websites in the domain of sports betting and has gathered a reputation right from Panama to the US and globally.

BetOnline like conventional sports betting websites has developed user-gripping incentives and discounts that compel new bettors to register and carry on with betting and betting veterans to keep up with betting.

However, one distinguishing factor from most sports betting websites is the incentives and bonuses they offer.

Their mode of offering these advantages is not based on gimmicks or unnecessary enticement but is thought-out and reasonable enough to send a genuine message to bettors.

On customer care ratings, BetOnline has been attributed to emboldening attention and expediency in their service, ranking it as one of the best in the industry.

Money transfer on the other hand is typified by existing options accessible all over the country and the world. The website is rated 4.0 out of 5.0.

Other best sports betting websites with appreciable structural ratings, satisfactory customer reviews, customer attention, and money transfer convenience include Wagerweb, SportsInteraction, Carbon, SBO, GT Bets, and BetPhoenix among others.

Top Sports Betting Forums

Birds of a feather have always flocked together, and forums that constitute pro-bettors define this without much of a doubt. Most sports betting forums are hosted online and involve internationals and locals.

A dedicated website may be a pro-forum type or a sport-related website offering a forum as an incentive to visitors and betting addicts.

Sports betting forums are discussion joints (probably web pages) where sentiments, observations, comments, and messages are relayed (or posted) to capture the attention of others who bear the same line of thought.

Forums, therefore, pool professional bettors’ thoughts together and create a discussion or an argument environment to air out their issues as far as sports and sports betting are concerned.


This forum is one of the most heralded forums on the internet with its notoriety and fame recognized by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USAToday among other media instruments.

It is an integrative forum consisting of thousands of members and discussions, slicing and splitting all relevant information to do with sports, sports betting, and gambling.

It is such a busy forum that sees thousands of comments and active participation from numerous individuals.

SBR Forum

SBRforum is quite a robust sports betting forum that is adaptable to mobile platforms without layout distortion, unlike most forum websites.

The forum is unique among others by offering redeemable participation points to its members. The forum gives odds and reviews information about sportsbooks among other betting-relevant information.

However, heated conversations take a grip of genuine sports betting conversations and users have to browse through numerous topics before landing on their favorite one.

Topics discussed include but are not limited to SBR tools and calculators, players talk, and sportsbook raters guide among others. The admin is quite dedicated to executing their job and maintenance is up to date.

Punters Lounge

Acclaimed comments rate Punters Lounge as Europe’s sports betting milestone that constitutes the most remarkable tipsters and an unrivaled poker forum.

Punters Lounge is detailed and splashed with numerous sports categories; from Africa to Europe, the US, and South America.

The forum covers horseracing-betting discussions alongside football and poker and offers free bet slots to users.

Other sports betting forums worth a look include but are not limited to Predictem, Olbg, BettingTalk, and EveryEdge among others.

Free Sports Bets

The sports betting industry is intensely gain-inclined and will always create attractive incentives and micro-programs that are addictive enough to convince bettors to return.

The term “free” means exactly what it implies commitment or charge. Free sports betting implies getting involved in betting with no wager placement at all.

The bettor places a bid and is assigned virtual credit for a game or several games. If the bid returns as a win, the cash is assured but if not, the bettor neither gains nor loses nothing and is always welcome to retry.

A level of commitment must be attained, however, to access the credit or a threshold is set to obtain the cash.

Free sports betting is designed as a marketing tool to capture would-be bettors still hesitating to get involved and clutch onto them when the passion sprouts.

To exemplify free sports betting, an analysis of online free sports betting ranks as the world’s top parlay betting website due to some free betting incentives they provide for their user base and new sign-ups.

The website is quite open to Americans and offers fast credit transfers to and from user accounts. offers a $15 free bet credit useable for further betting or withdrawal once per week.

The first $10 of the $15 free bet is claimable by placing a $20 parlay wager and the next $5 is claimable by wagering 10 dollars on a “prop of the week: bid.

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