It can be a real annoyance when punters are banned from their favorite bookmakers. If you want to avoid being banned by your favorite bookmaker, read the following blog post for some tips on how to not get limited by sportsbooks.

Why do Bookies Ban Winners?

To stop people from winning and return the house to its expected level of profitability. The bookie doesn’t want to let anyone win. It’s the worst thing that can happen to them because they lose out on all those losses.

They work hard so customers can be in a losing position, and if one person wins then they lose everything.

So instead of letting it happen again, this is what they do when people have won before to maintain their profitable balance sheets themselves.

And with the way things are these days, there are plenty of millionaires out there who could use a tiny bit of cash like this as well!

Some of the reasons that may cause punters to be blocked, banned, or even limited by bookies include:

  • Taking unfair advantage of the promotions
  • Doing sports arbitrage
  • Using robots on the bookies’ websites
  • Violating other terms and conditions stipulated on the site

Why do Bookies Hate Arbers?

Arbitrage bettors (arbers) are despised and disliked by bookmakers because they take advantage of the bookmaker’s weaker lines to earn money for themselves.

These odds will be out of sync with the rest of the market, resulting in an arbitrage chance for the bettor to profit from.

How to Avoid Bookmaker Bans and Limitations

1. Place small and random irrelevant bets

It may be worthwhile to place several little, meaningless bets to lower your average bet size in their systems and to place modest bets in other states, on various niche sports, or international races, for example.

Even if you only break even, or even make a little loss, the decrease in your average bet amount, as well as the fact that the bookie believes they may be able to recover some of your gains, will cause them to keep your account open for a longer period.

It all boils down to the bookie not thinking that you are just following a proven and reliable strategy that would result in long-term gains for yourself.

They will ultimately catch on to you and cancel your account as soon as they realize you are 100 percent organized, measured, and not going to be a losing punter in the long run.

The longer you can keep them from limiting or terminating your account, the better.

Placing bets on multiples and major sporting events is a smart strategy to avoid the attention of bookmakers. You may always put the opposite bets with a different bookie, or you can stay away from Betfair entirely.

2. Bet fixed odds as early as possible

Place your fixed-odds bets as soon as possible once they are released. Not a few seconds before the start of the race.

This provides the bookmaker with additional time to control their risk or exposure by betting back via corporates. As we’ve previously stated, it frequently leads to you receiving the greatest pricing in the first place.

3. Open multiple bookmaker accounts

It goes without saying that if you have a limited account, obtaining accounts with as many Corporate Bookmakers as feasible is a wonderful option.

Some casinos are considered to be far more generous with their wager size limitations, and they do not prohibit or restrict punters from participating.

Online corporate and railway bookmaker choices abound these days, with over 30 companies offering their services to customers.

4. Spread your bets across several bookmakers

We would consider this to be especially significant if you are placing bets worth more than $100 each wager.

Even though we are always promoting the benefits of having many accounts with different bookmakers, they will ultimately ban you if you are betting in high unit amounts and winning.

You might want to consider investing a portion of your investment with these bookmakers and the remainder with other bookmakers. Bets of more than $100 are frequently subjected to a review.

5. Keep withdrawal frequency to a minimum

Simply refraining from making any withdrawals can also assist in extending the life of your account before it being limited or terminated.

Of course, this is not possible for everyone, but given that certain bookies with the best prices may be quick to close your account, consider making deposits but refraining from making withdrawals until the point at which they call you and tell you that they must transfer your funds back to your account because your account has been closed, if possible.

Because you’re not making withdrawals, you may fool the bookies into believing they still have a “chance” to receive their money back. This is just one more element that will keep you off their radar for longer.

6. Diversify betting markets

If you only bet on specific sports, or specific days you will need to add a new dimension to your betting portfolio, reducing the bookie’s suspicion and may even lead the bookies to believe that you are just sitting around at home bored betting on the major racing events.

7. Bet using rounded-off stakes

If you are betting in exact or specific quantities, the bookmakers may believe that you are following a service or that you are staking according to a calculated method or plan.

As a result, after you start winning, people may become more aware of your presence.

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