Alfred Mutua is a hardworking Kenyan politician. That is not in doubt. Read in this article what he has achieved so far in his political and non-political careers.

I will also inform you of his age, Alfred Mutua’s wife, and highlight any news of the First Governor of Machakos County.

Alfred Mutua’s Age

Alfred Mutua is a renowned politician and governor of Machakos Country, who has demonstrated to many Kenyans that they can change their country if they decide to change it.

He was born on 22nd August 1970, meaning that he is currently 51 years old.

That is a prime age when most people accomplish their set life goals and therefore, his efforts to transform Machakos County, conform to his age.

Dr. Alfred Mutua Contacts & Phone Number

Have you ever wanted to contact Alfred Mutua? Did you manage to do it? Which Channel did you find more comfortable to reach him: through phone or social media?

Alfred Mutua Biography
Dr. Alfred Mutua

Well, Alfred mutual is easily reachable through his phone number; 0721240448.

For those who prefer social media, contact him through his social media pages: Dr. Alfred Mutua on Facebook and @DrAlfredMutua on Twitter.

Alfred Mutua Facebook

Facebook is one the most used social media platform by a majority of Kenyans.

In the current digital era, Facebook is used as a linkage medium between politicians and their followers, through which they can connect, interact, and share ideas on what should be done to transform the lives of people in society.

Alfred Mutua is on Facebook, and his page is Dr. Alfred Mutua, which he uses to connect with his followers to get ideas of what they require him to do to change the lives of the people of Machakos County- Kenya.

Alfred Mutua News & Quotes

Being a famous politician in Kenya, Alfred Mutua has been on the News for both right and wrong reasons.

Some of the good intentions include the News on the accomplishment of some of his set objectives for Machakos people like the construction of roads, hospitals, and schools.

Bad News consists of the questioning of his integrity in issuing contracts and tenders to different companies such as the hiring of the Ambulances scandal.

Alfred Mutua is known for his quotes, which are meant to send messages to society on some of the things they should avoid doing to become a better society. The following are the top five quotes by Alfred Mutua:

  1. “We just realized that these advertisements do more harm than good to society.”
  2. “If there is anyone in the rubble, they are either unconscious or dead. It has always been a race against time, but now the chances of finding someone alive are extremely slim.”
  3. “We believe that people are suffering and people might have died as a result of hunger; we cannot be in denial and say that people are not dying.”
  4. “Kenyan kids are not so desperate as to eat dog food.”
  5. “Nothing has been let go. There is an action that will be taken.”

Alfred Mutua Family

Alfred Mutua was formally married to Josephine Thitu Maundu, and they were blessed with three children who are currently living in Australia.  He later married Lilian Nganga who is the current First Lady of Machakos Country.

Dr. Alfred Mutua First Wife

Josephine Thitu was the first wife of Alfred Mutua. They were happily married with three children until things fell apart and they could no longer stay together.

She is a pharmacist and currently resides in Australia with the three children in what many call a break from a “stress and failed marriage!”

Alfred Mutua Parents

Alfred Mutua’s mum is Agnes Mutua, who after claims that his son is a son of a Luo man, came out and disagreed with that claim by the Central Alego MCA Leonard Oriaro.

Agnes made it clear that she has two children and their father was alive but did not reveal the identity of her husband who is Alfred Mutua’s father.

Alfred Mutua Lilian Ng’ang’a

Have you seen this young and beautiful Machakos First Lady, Lilian Nganga? According to the various social media platforms, after she first appeared on Citizen TV, many Kenyans think she is the most beautiful First Lady in Kenya.

During her interview on Citizen TV, she revealed several things about herself such as her education, and job as discussed below;


She attained her high school certificate at Togotho Girls’ High School in Kiambu County. After which she proceeded to the University of Nairobi to study the front office, hospitality, and tourism.


Her first job was at Safari Park Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in Kenya, working at the front office. After one year she quitted and went to work for Kenya Airways.

After six years she left to start her business, a beauty parlous, which never succeed. Later she opened a tour company that is operations up to date.

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