Read more Aden Duale’s Biography and learn more about this flamboyant Kenyan politician. In this article, I will explore his Aden Duale’s wealth sources, house, and his educational background. Also, for those looking for his contacts and/or Facebook and other social media profiles will find this article highly informative.

Aden Duale Life in Brief

Adan Duale’s full names are Aden Bare Duale. He was born in Balambala in the Northern part of the country, Garissa County in 1969.

He has a sibling who is also his twin brother. He hails from the Talamooge sub-clan. This is part of the vast Ogaden clan. His ethnic extract is the Abdulwak.

Currently, Duale is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Dujis Constituency, sponsored by the URP.

He also represents the government as the Majority Leader in the current Kenya National Assembly, a position he held since 2013.

He is a staunch Muslim, a religion subscribed by a large proportion of his constituents. He works hard to ensure that religious divisions do not manifest in this community. As a result, he advocates for freedom of worship in his constituency of Dujis.

Aden Duale Age

As of 2017, Duale was 48 years old.

Aden Duale Family

Duale values the principles a good family very much. He is a committed and responsible family man, married to one woman with whom they sired five children.

Family unity is his primary goal, and for such, he keeps on inspiring and encouraging his people to focus on building a family that is held together and united.

He comes from a pastoralist family since his late father who did not believe in his children pursuing formal education herded cattle.

Duale’s mother is called Hawa Kosar. She was a small-scale businesswoman who played an instrumental part in moving the family to town, a move that left the father upcountry to herd cattle.

Aden Duale Wife

Duale married the daughter of Mohamud Mohamed, the retired Chief of General Staff in Kenya.

He was asked to pay four cows for her hand in marriage.

Aden Duale Children

Like said before, Duale was blessed with five children, all of them boys. The eldest son is called Abdul Razak Aden who in 2015 KCSE performed very well by scoring a mean grade of A- (minus) at the prestigious Mang’u High School.

Aden Duale Education Background

He got most of his education in public institutions. First, in 1975, he was enrolled at Boys Town Primary School in 1975 and he, in 1982, joined Garissa High School for his ‘O’ levels before proceeding to Moi Forces Academy for ‘A’ levels in 1986.

He is a teacher by profession after acquiring Moi University’s Bachelor of Education Degree.

He also holds an Executive MBA which he got from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

He has pursued numerous professional courses in the entire period of his career including Animal disease and traceability System, Project Management, Conflict Management, and Livestock Marketing and Value Chain.

Other papers held by the Hon. MP and which he acquired throughout his professional occupation are certificates in Conflict resolution and peacebuilding as well as Livestock Cross-Border trade.

Equipped with this exposure and vast skills, Duale has all that it requires dealing with any economic and social process that he comes across while serving the people of Dujis.

Growing up in his native community in Garissa, Duale is updated with all the issues and problems faced by he represents in the National Assembly of Kenya.

Consequently, he has formulated and executed numerous strategic social and economic measures geared towards empowering the locals.

Aden Duale Professional Occupation

Hon. Duale first began his professional occupation as a graduate teacher in 1992 at Sankuri Secondary School. Between 1999 and 2003, he worked as a Director for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Hon. Duale was the CEO and founder member of the Livestock Marketing Society of Kenya.

He is also a gifted strategist and businessman, an accomplishment that saw him secure appointments in different organizational advisory committees and boards.

Aden Duale Political Career

Duale was first elected as the MP for Dujis in 2007. In mid-2008, President Kibaki appointed him to serve in the grand coalition government as an Assistant Minister for Livestock, representing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Other than this position and upon promulgation of the new Constitution in 2010, the MP served in many crucial roles such as ‘YES’ Team Leader for North Eastern Province.

Before decamping the ODM camp in 2011 after falling out with ODM’s leadership, he served as the party National Vice Chairman in charge of Political Affairs.

He is a member of the G7 Leadership, a position in which he played a key role. He is also a co-founder of the United Republican Party.

He joined the Jubilee coalition, and in 2013, he successfully defended his parliamentary seat as the MP using the United Republican Party ticket to represent the Garissa Town. He was appointed to represent the government in the National Assembly of Kenya as the leader of the majority.

His concerted effort to defend the government in parliament earned him another appointed in the same position after successfully winning the Garissa Parliamentary seat in the 2017 elections.

Today, he is regarded as one of the fiercest and most vocal politicians from the North Eastern who does not fear to speak his mind including criticizing the opposition both in the National Assembly and in any political platform.

Aden Duale Achievements

Duale is credited with improving his constituent, both economically and socially. During his term in the National Assembly of Kenya and his good relationship with the president and senior in Jubilee administration, he managed to ensure that Government services are brought close to his people of Dujis constituency.

To name a few, he pushed the government to build and equip the New Balambala District, a project that was introduced in 2008 at the Garissa District Headquarters.

In 2010, he was actively involved in requesting the former president, Mwai Kibaki to create a new district in his Dujis constituency to ensure his people were not marginalized in sharing the national cake.

The project kicked off and completed in April 2011. The late minister officially opened it for interior security, Prof George Saitoti.

He also tirelessly lobbied in parliament and the Interim Independent Electoral Commission, the Independent Elections, and Boundaries Commission to split Dujis constituency, a move that led to the creation of the New Balambala Constituency.

Hon. Duale further contributed to the creation of new administrative units including Sub locations, Locations, and Divisions in his region.

Aden Duale Wealth

Aden Duale is filthy rich. He has a number of businesses in various parts of the country.

Some of known properties and investment of Duale include:

  1. A large Coastal cattle ranch;
  2. Nomad Hotel located in Eastleigh, Nairobi;
  3. Lillac Centre, a four-story building near Garissa Primary School in Garissa Town; and
  4. A veterinary product supply business called Medina Chemicals in South Sudan, Somalia, and North Eastern Kenya.

Aden Duale Contacts

  • Duale’s Telephone number is 0722759866.
  • You can also contact him via his email:,
  • He also has a Twitter account: @HonAdenDuale


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