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Baking Soda on Skin – Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Detailed Baking Soda for Skin Uses and Benefits Below is a detailed list of the uses and benefits of using baking soda on the skin. While some of the benefits below are still debatable today, I recommend that as per our disclaimer, readers handle this post as purely informational and …

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Baking Soda Bath for Hives, Skin Rash & Rosacea

Drinking Baking Soda for Hives It’s clinically proven that drinking water mixed with baking soda can really help you deal with the issue of hives, also known as urticaria. Studies indicate that the burn or sting itching caused by hives can be remedied by taking this kind of hot drink.

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Baking Soda for Wrinkles, Warts & Whiteheads

Baking Soda for Wrinkles Wrinkles can be very irritating more especially if you are young and you are having a lot of them.  It is a skin problem which all ladies dislike so much to the extent that they are willing and ready to try any remedy to heal them. …

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Baking Soda for Skin Whitening Reviews – Uses & Recipes

Baking Soda for Underarm Skin Whitening The baking soda contains the skin whitening properties that dry out the skin to cleanse the underarms and whitens it up successfully. To enhance its activity, the baking soda can be used together with other supplements such as the lemon juice, which inhibits the …

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Baking Soda for Feminine Odor & Wash

Is Baking Soda a Good Deodorizer? Yes, it is a good deodorizer. In fact, amongst the existing deodorizers, the baking soda is the best natural deodorizer that exists. It is usually readily available and does an amazing job of removing the odors, which it absorbs, unlike the other agents that …

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Baking Soda for Face Mask – Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Is Baking Soda Safe for Face Yes! Baking soda, popularly known as sodium bicarbonate, has been proven to be safe for use on your face as an effective natural, cleaning beauty substance. The power works magic in soothing your irritating bug bites among other facial distress. Although commonly not harmful …

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