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Linc Edochie Biography: Photos, Age, and Family

Linc Edochie Biography Photos Age Family

Linc Edochie is one famous Nigerian. Read this article to know more about this man and understand why and how he has acquired the fame he has. I will examine Linc’s biography which includes things such as age, family and marital status. Enjoy! Who is Linc Edochie? Many Nigerian Movies …

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Justin Muturi Biography: Wife, Contacts & Son

Justin Muturi Personal Life Officially called Justin Bedan Njoka Muturi, JB as he is known in his social circles, was born in Mbeere in 1956 on 28th April. Today, Muturi is a household name in Kenyan politics. He is and will be remembered as one of the most controversial Speakers …

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Miguna Miguna Biography: Family, Wife, News, CV & Quotes

miguna miguna biography

Below is the biography of the controversial Canada-based Kenyan politician Miguna Miguna. In this biography, I will explore Miguna’s Profile, family, News and YouTube channel. I will also examine his quotes, book, and website. Miguna Miguna Family Although there is scanty information regarding Miguna’s marital status, what is clear from …

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Aden Duale Biography – Wealth, House & Education Background

aden duale biography

Read more Aden Duale’s Biography and learn more about this flamboyant Kenyan politician. In this article, I will explore his Aden Duale’s wealth sources, house, and his educational background. Also, for those looking for his contacts and/or Facebook and other social media profiles will find this article highly informative. Aden …

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Mwai Kibaki Biography: Quotes, Health & Net Worth

mwai kibaki biography

Mwai Kibaki Early Life Mwai Kibaki, officially known as Stanley Emilio Mwai Kibaki was the 3rd President of the Republic of Kenya. He is the youngest son of Teresia Wanjiku (Mother) and Kibaki Githinji (Father), a family of peasant farmers living from hand to mouth. Born in 1931on 15 November, …

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