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KCSE Results Online: Check Results through SMS & Online

Wondering how to check KCSE results online? Well, in here, we have outlined the various methods you can use to check KCSE results online. We do hope that the methods outlined hereunder will help you check the results for the whole center.

What is KCSE Exam?

KCSE is an acronym for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Students of to KCSE exams at the end of the fourth form, which also marks the end of the secondary school curriculum Kenya.

The exam covers a wide range of subjects such as Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Kiswahili, Home Science, Geography, Business studies (Commerce, Economics or Accounting), Drawing and Design, French language, German language, Music, Woodwork, Power Mechanics among any others.

KCSE results can be checked using several methods. The methods commonly used are:

  1. Checking online at the KNEC portal
  2. Checking using shortcodes and SMS
  3. Physically viewing the printed list at the center/school

How to check KCSE results online

If you plan to check KCSE results online, then all you need to do is visit the KNEC website and navigate to the school whose results you want to know.

I should note here that after the KCSE results have a smartphone the traffic the Knec website gets is too high and it has in the past crashed during such a time.

That, therefore, means that if you really would like to know how you or your relative scored in the past form four results all you need is a smart phone, laptop or personal computer (PC).

You will also need some source of bandwidth such as wifi or a modem dongle to be able to access the website. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Find and navigate to the KNEC website portal
  2. Identify the results section and click on the relevant tabs
  3. Choose KCSE results (because the website may have other results listed)
  4. Click the specific year you would like to check
  5. Navigate to the name of the school you would like to check
  6. Find the index number of the person whose results you would like to know.

The advantage of this approach is that you can always access the results with minimal effort or expense. You also have the chance to access results for the whole center at a go.

How to check KCSE results using SMS

If you are away from the PC or smart phone or do not have access to internet sources, the SMS service can really help you out. The method is very simple as outlined here below.

  1. Locate the messaging app/section of your phone and start composing a message
  2. In the message filed write the index number of the student
  3. Then send the message to the code 22252
  4. After some time, depending on the traffic, the service will respond with the results in the form of a message

This method is one of the simplest because you do not need complex gadgets. A basic phone with messaging capability can do just fine.

The only notable disadvantage with this method is the fact that you only get results for one student at a time, that means if you need to check for many students the cost will increase proportionately because each SMS is charged separately

How to check KCSE results physically – at the school/center?

Some people are skeptical of what they receive through SMS or see online at the KNEC portal. Well, that is understandable. For such people, physical visits to the exam centers provide the satisfaction and legitimacy they need.

It may also be that the KNEC website is not loading due to traffic issues and the messaging service is not expanding as efficiently as one would expect.

Therefore, if for any reason you need to check the results, you can always visit the school where the candidate sat for their KCSE examinations. Here you would find the results attached to a notice board or something like that.

This is good for old folks and people who for one reason or the other cannot use the other methods discussed earlier.

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