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Farah Maalim Biography & Education

This is an exploration if Farah Maalim’s biography. Having been elected as a deputy speaker to the then speaker on national assembly Kenneth Marende, Farah Maalim has been a household name in Kenyan politics. In this article, therefore, I examine what he has done to reach where he has reached in his political career.

Farah Maalim Biography

Farah Maalim Mohamed, also known in his native Somali ethnic language as Faarax Maaliim Maxamed has a rich biography as discussed below:

Farah Maalim Family Life

Though a public figure in Kenya, little is known about the family life of this popular politician cum lawyer.

But, what is widely discussed in the media are reports suggesting that Maalim is a committed family man with children.

Nonetheless, it appears that the former MP decided to keep his family members from the public scrutiny.

Farah Maalim Education Background

Maalim is of Somali background. Born in the Ogaden Darod Somali clan, the Auliyahan sub-clan, Maalim acquired his high education at Maseno School.

He studied at the University of Nairobi for an undergraduate Bachelors of Law (LLB) degree.

To get a practicing license in Law in Kenya, he enrolled and graduated from the Kenya School of Law.

Today, Farah is pursuing MA degree in Development Studies at one of the leading higher institutions of learning in the country.

Farah Maalim Political Experience

Farah is one of the popular Kenyan politicians of today. He has been in the country’s political scene for about twenty five years. He once served in the National Assembly of Kenya as a Deputy Speaker between 2008 and 2013.

Politically, Farah is affiliated to Kenya’s political party called the Orange Democratic Movement. He was elected in the 10th Kenyan National Assembly to represent the Lagdera Constituency.

Before then, Maalim had served as a Member for Parliament (MP) in the country’s 7th Parliament.

He led a group of Kenyan MPs in November 2012 to accuse the country’s soldiers of using undue force and fueling violence during a Garissa security operation. The political group went to the extent of threatening the governing regime of dire consequences if justice was not brought against the perpetrators including taking their grievances to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

On the same note, the legislators, under his leadership further suggested that it was unconstitutional for the Kenyan government to deploy its soldiers in Somali without getting the requisite approval from the parliament.

According to allegations made by parliamentarians, particularly, Maalim himself, by ensuing rampage at the country’s border with Somali, the country had cost Garissa businesspersons between Sh1.5 billion to Sh2billion or even more in missed revenue.

Farah unsuccessfully ran for the senate seat for the Garissa County in the 2013 general elections. He was beaten by Yusuf Haji.

Other than being elected for the parliamentary seat, Farah has a wealth of legislative experience in the country. He once held the position of Deputy Speaker in Kenya’s National Assembly.

Moreover, he has about twenty-five years of political familiarity on the country’s political arena.

Farah Maalim Earlier Political Positions

In June 2017 to August 2017, he was an aspirant MP for the Garissa Township parliamentary seat under the Wiper democratic Movement Kenya ticket.

He also aspired for the Garissa County Senate seat.

Farah Maalim Current Political Positions

Since 2013, Maalim has been an active member of Coalition for Reforms & Democracy. He is also a live member of the Orange Democratic Movement for Lagdera starting 2007.

Between January 2013 and 4th March 2013, he was the Member of Parliament for Garissa in the Republic of Kenya.

In 2008 to early 2013, Farah held the position of Member of Parliament for Lagdera

Farah Maalim Committee Memberships

In 2oo8 to 2013, Maalim was a member of Member Library Committee – S.O. 193.

He was also a member of Speaker’s Committee – S.O. 194 for the period covering 2008 and 2013.

Moreover, he held a membership position in the Procedure and House Rules Committee – S.O. 191for the same period.

Farah Maalim Job History

Little if any is known about the current professional job positions held by the former deputy speaker and Member of Parliament.

However, he is known to practice law in Kenya.

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