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Charles Njonjo Biography: Wealth, Son, Suits, Age & Wedding

Who is Charles Njonjo? If you are looking for the biography of the most potent minister during Jomo Kenyatta’s era, then this is article will suffice. Read more on the profile of Charles Njonjo, which includes his wealth, family, Age and the peculiar suits he likes putting on! Enjoy!

Charles Njonjo Family – Wife & Son

Charles Njonjo is married to Margret Bryson and has two children: Nimu Njonjo and Wairimu Njonjo. Margaret Bryson was a daughter of a white Christian missionary and a supervisor of the French instruction for Kenya’s Ministry of Education.

She died on Wednesday, June 15th 2015.  Margret was a graduate with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Animal Science.

Charles Njonjo’s son in the year 2013 made headlines after buying a brand-new Range Rover Sport; becoming the first person to own such vehicle in Kenya.

The young Njonjo spent 15 million to have such car on the Kenyan roads.  Despite that, the boy is thought to be a business minded person just like his father and owns several companies across the major cities in Kenya.

Charles Njonjo Wedding & Marriage

Charles Njonjo is believed to be the most potent minister who was forced by the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta to get married.  He never thought of marriage because he could not find a girl he could spend his life with.

However, after meeting Margret, he decided to get married and formally married her on 4th December 1972 after which they were blessed with two children.

Charles Njonjo Wealth – Is He Filthy Rich?

If there is one person who is filthy rich in Kenya is Charles Njonjo: he is ranked top ten amongst the wealthiest families in the Kenyan Soil.  He held a dominant position (Attorney General) during the President Kenyatta’s era and therefore, becoming very wealthy.

His wealth continually increases because, he has shares in different prominent institutions such as the Barclays Bank of Kenya, Standard Bank, British American, Car and General, CFC Bank, Alico Insurance, Sankara Hotel, Ibonia Farms, Real Estate, and CMC Motors.

Charles Njonjo Suits – Where are they Made?

How many suites do you have? Where are they made? Well, Charles Njonjo owns about 20 suits all tailored in Britain! Britain is prominent in making the best admirable suits worn by celebrities across the world.  Therefore, to have your suites made in Britain, you must be wealthy because they are costly!

Charles Njonjo’s Age

Charles Njonjo was born on 23rd February 1920, and therefore, he is 97 years old. He is older than the second president of Kenya, President Moi, who is 93 years old! Of worth to remember is that he is popularly known as “The Duke of Kabeteshire.”

More on Charles Njonjo

Despite being rich, Charles Njonjo is very educated; he went to Alliance High School and the prestigious Kings College Budo in Uganda. He proceeded to Fort Hare University in South Africa where he attained his BA in law, and later he joined Exeter University London School to achieve a diploma certificate in Social anthropology.

Later on, after completing his diploma, he enrolled at Lincoln’s Inn and graduated with a law degree in the year 1954.

Charles Njonjo Career -Work

Charles Njonjo in addition to serving as the assistant registrar, he was a Crown Counsel dealing with cases under the Companies and Bankruptcy Ordinance in the Supreme Court.

He also served as the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions before he was appointed to serve Kenyans as the Attorney General in the year 1963. He later resigned as the Attorney General to run for a Parliamentary seat, which he won to represent Kikuyu.

He is remembered for being against the use of Kiswahili in Parliament, which later was declared as one of the official languages to be used in Parliament and the one who refused to sign into law the requests made to make adultery a criminal offense.

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