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Charles Keter Biography: Family & Wealth

Charles Keter came to the limelight during the 2013 General Election in Kenya. Read below the biography of this ma from the Kericho County. Here, I will analyze his life journey, wealth accumulated over the years, and Family in general.

Who is Charles Keter?

Charles Keter is a Kenyan Politician who was born on 22nd November 1969. He is a United Republican Party (URP) member. He served the people of Belgut Constituency as a Member of the National Assembly after being elected in the year 2007.

He later became the Kericho County Senator and held his that position until he was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, to serve Kenyans as the Cabinet Secretary for Energy.

Charles Keter Family

Charles Keter is happily married to Winnie Keter and has been blessed with children. The wife, Winnie, heads the Social Economic Empowerment Women Organisation. She wanted to join to join the race for Women Representative to unseat, Hellen Chepkwony.

Her husband, Keter, advised her not to contest for that seat and she obeyed, indicating how the two are close and respectful to each other.

Keter’s Educational Background

Are you aware of the primary school and University that molded Charles Keter? If, you do, well and good, but if you do not; Charles Kater attended Kapmaso Primary School: a school that is not well known in Kenya.  Despite, having gone to such unknown primary school, he managed to make it to one of the best Universities in Kenya, Kenyatta University, where he attained his undergraduate degree.

Keter’s Professional Background

Charles Keter has been working with Telkom (K) Limited for a very long time. Between 1993 and 1994 he worked as a Systems Analyst of Telkom (K). He performed well and was later promoted to a position of an Assistant Manager of Anti-Fraud Section, Telkom (K).

Wealth of Charles Keter

Amongst the top five wealthiest cabinet secretaries in Kenya, Charles Keter is number five with a net worth Ksh 352 million. Keter does not give a clear indication of how he got his wealthy.

There are speculations that he is a passionate businessman who believes in what he does and does not depend on his salary as the sole source of his net income. He has specifically invested heavily in the real estate business, which generated up to 60% of his total net revenue.

More About Keter

The following are other details about Charles Keter that might be important for you;

Keter Contacts

In case, you want to contact the Charles Keter more especially if, you have thought of an innovation that you think might change how things are done at the Energy and Petroleum sector, you can get him through his email: belgut@parliament.go.ke or his phone number: +254721530199/722530555.

He usually responds almost instantly, depending on the magnitude of your issue, and has been praised by many Kenyans as the best Cabinet Secretary who deals with issues raised by Kenyans about his ministry in the shortest time possible.

Keter’s Facebook and Twitter

Are you a frequent user of social media? If yes are you a follower of Charles Keter? Well if not then you should start following him by using the following links:

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/ketercharles,

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ketercharles.

On these pages, you will receive updates about Keter’s plans on how he intends to push forward his agenda to ensure that his Ministry serves all Kenyans.

Keter’s Political Career

Charles is amongst the most successful politicians in Kenya.  He began his political career in the year 2002 when he contested for a parliamentary seat and won to represent the people of Belgut.

In 2007, he joined the Orange Democratic Movement and was elected for the second time as Member of Parliament for Belgut.  On the year 2008 to 2013, apart from representing his people in parliament, he was appointed the Assistant Minister of Energy.

In 2013, he won to become the first senator from Kericho County, a position he held until he was named the Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum.


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