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Buy Amla Powder Online in Stores

Knowing where to buy Amla Powder in stores near you can save you lots of money and time. In this article I explore the places one can buy Pure amla Powder online and in stores. Some of the retailers explored in this article include Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, Target, Walgreens …

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Bio-Oil for Face Wrinkles, Age Spots & Aging Skin

Bio-Oil Works Wonders Wrinkled Skin Tired of wrinkles? What remedies have you tried so far to get rid of the wrinkles? Several people are struggling to access best treatments that can address the issue of wrinkled skin. That is because of the confusion it creates more especially when it comes …

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Amla Oil Uses, Benefits, Reviews & Side Effects

amla hair oil uses benefits and effects

What is Amla Oil? Amla oil also referred to by several other names such as Dhatrik, Emblic Myrobalan, Emblic, Phyllanthus Emblica, or Gooseberry oil is a fruit extract that has been used for decades in Ayurvedic medicine. However, many people it as Gooseberry for Amla. It’s originated from India and the …

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